Samsung Galaxy S9: Two New Confirmed Details That Bring An Edge To S9

With just over a month or two before Samsung launches its new flagship device for 2018, there has been speculation about its specs, features, and prices. Some reports even suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would disappoint in some cases. Now, there are two new confirmed details that might make the smartphone a radical one, Forbes reports.

Qualcomm Confirms Snapdragon 845

Qualcomm has already confirmed the existence of its new chipset, the Snapdragon 845. Because the company has allowed Samsung, its biggest partner, to use its flagship Snapdragon chipsets exclusively in the U.S. in the past years, it can be expected that its 2018 flagship Snapdragon 845 would power Samsung's Galaxy S9.

Qualcomm has not divulged details about its newest chipset, but according to Forbes writer Gordon Kelly, sources said that the Snapdragon 845 will feature the new X20 LTE modem that would provide 1.2 gigabits of connectivity speed. It would improve the reception and provide support for HDR video and improved image processing.

Samsung Announces 512GB Smartphone Storage

The tech giant has announced that it has started to produce the first 512-gigabyte universal flash storage, setting a new threshold for mobile storage. Samsung highlighted its superiority over the performance of microSD cards, with sequential read and write speeds that are over eight times faster. With this breakthrough, it is highly possible that the company would make a change in its Galaxy S9, equipping it with the 512GB storage and removing the microSD slot.

Other Rumored Specs And Launch Date

Meanwhile, many are expecting that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 in January during the CES 2018. Trusted Reviews reports that the tech giant told the Korea Herald that it is "unlikely," squashing the rumors. If not in January, the release could happen before the MWC trade show in February, others claim.

Rumors about the details of the new flagship Galaxy device are at an all-time high now. BGR reports that Samsung will introduce a new DeX accessory for the Galaxy S9 to make it an even better Android desktop computer than its predecessors. The new device is called DeX Pad, according to rumors, which would enable the use of S9 as a keyboard or mouse pad. Unlike in Galaxy S8, the users need a separate keyboard and mouse to use the device as a desktop computer.

Meanwhile, new images that were reportedly from Asia, showed that the screen of Galaxy S9 should measure 5.77 inches. The headphone jack is retained, and it will feature a dual camera and slim bezels. It would also come in purple color, along with black, blue, and gold options.