Matt Lauer's Wife Annette Roque Stays Mum In Hamptons As Her Father Issues Statement

Matt Lauer's wife, Annette Roque, still hasn't spoken out about her betrayal at the hands of Lauer, but Annette Roque's father, Henri Roque, is speaking out on his daughter's behalf from his home in Holland to say that Annette Roque is planning to divorce Matt Lauer. Annette Roque is out of hiding and was photographed this morning in the Hamptons picking up breakfast, but she did not have anything to say to the media at this time.

A source close to Matt Lauer and Annette Roque said yesterday that they expect that Roque would divorce Lauer, but not yet. They believe that Annette Roque will continue to make the Lauer children her priority, and then will officially file for divorce when the dust clears and everything is a bit calmer. At this time, it has only been a week since Matt Lauer got fired by Today and NBC, and things could possibly get worse before it gets better.

"Annette feels it is important for her children that the family stays together during this crisis with all of the accusations swirling around their father. Since Matt was fired, their home has been a tense environment and Annette is going to wait out the storm before moving on."
Annette Roque was out in Sag Harbor this morning without her wedding ring, according to the Daily Mail, who snapped a picture of the long-suffering wife of former Today Show host, Matt Lauer. Annette Roque was picking up breakfast after she dropped off her two younger children at area schools. Photographs were taken of Annette Roque's hands to show she was sans jewelry.

Annette Roque's father, Henri Roque was willing to talk to Daily Mail about his daughter's marriage from his home in the Netherlands. Henri Roque says that the whole Roque family feels betrayed.

"I have no words for her husband. What he has done is bad. Everybody feels betrayed. She is not going to stay with him and work it out. They are not together trying to work it out."
Henri Roque is a retired HR Director for the city of Amsterdam lives alone and is worried about Annette and his grandchildren.
"[Annette] is feeling shocked and she is now having sorrow for her children. Me too. Everybody is feeling quite sad. There are also the kids, I don't know what she's doing or who they are going to stay with."
Henri Roque says that he is frequently in touch with daughter Annette, and confirmed that Annette Roque is in the United States, and to the best of his knowledge, she is laying low in Sag Harbor.
"I feel s**t about the whole thing. The situation is so bad. I have met Matt, he was a nice guy. I feel kind of betrayed. It's my own daughter. I don't know how the kids are doing."
PageSix confirmed that Matt Lauer is also still in the Hamptons, as he was seen driving around the town of Sag Harbor driving carpool for youngest son, Thijs Lauer. Henri Roque says that he has had no contact with Matt Lauer, and doesn't plan to speak to him at this time.

Annette Roque was photographed this morning looking very thin, dressed casually in jeans and riding boots without her wedding ring.