Kate Middleton Stuns In Princess Diana's Tiara: Camilla Parker Bowles Steals Spotlight In Queen-Style Crown

Kate Middleton may have thought that she would win the unofficial crown for Best Style of December when she chose to step out wearing Princess Diana's favorite tiara. But even the pregnant princess couldn't outdo Camilla Parker Bowles' choice of headgear. Camilla, who is rumored to be seeking ways to become the next queen, shocked by wearing a crown more suited to a queen than a duchess.

Camilla Parker Bowles Versus Kate Middleton: Did Duchess Deliberately Outshine Pregnant Princess To Fuel Feud?

Rumors of a feud between Parker Bowles and Middleton have swirled for months. Camilla reportedly is determined to push her husband, Prince Charles, onto the throne to achieve her goal of becoming queen. But as the Inquisitr reported, Kate allegedly is just as focused on seeing her husband, Prince William, become the next king.

The real-life Game of Thrones recently became even more complicated, with multiple reports claiming that Prince Harry and William have the power to refuse to let Parker Bowles become queen, as detailed by the Inquisitr. But according to the Daily Star, Camilla seems to be ignoring any threats to her throne goals by stepping out in a crown that would be more appropriate for a queen.

"Queen Camilla? Prince Charles' wife wore a huge crown-like tiara as she arrived for a party at Buckingham Palace."

Photographers took Parker Bowles' photo as she arrived with Prince Charles. Camilla reportedly struck a pose that looked as if she were ready for a royal picture. Charles was almost overlooked as Parker Bowles beamed at the cameras snapping her crown-like tiara through the car windows.

The Daily Mail reported that the reception at which both Kate and Camilla wore tiaras is viewed as the hottest social event in London for the diplomatic community. Middleton, 35, and Parker Bowles, 70, both turned heads with their headpieces.

While Kate chose Princess Diana's favorite tiara, Camilla opted for one worn by the queen.

"[Camilla Parker Bowles] was wearing the Boucheron tiara, a piece from the Queen's collection most famously worn by the Queen Mother that Camilla favors when it comes to choosing a tiara."

Kate Middleton Stuns In Princess Diana's Favorite Tiara, But Duchess Camilla's Enormous Headpiece Dwarfs It

While Camilla posed, her stepson Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, drove up in a Bentley. Kate looked gorgeous in her tiara. Known as the Cambridge Lover's Knot, the heirloom has been handed down and treasured from one generation to the next. But even though the tiara wore by Middleton earned fame as Princess Diana's favorite, it looked tiny compared to Parker Bowles' choice of head fashion.

"Camilla's huge diamond-studded head wear dwarfed that worn by [Kate Middleton]."

Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, and her enormous tiara successfully stole the spotlight at Buckingham Palace. But despite opting for a tiara that looked like a crown, Camilla may not succeed in achieving her goal of becoming queen. The official position of Clarence House is that if and when Charles becomes king, Parker Bowles will become Princess Consort rather than queen.

Kate Middleton's Pregnant Glow In Tiara Gets Overshadowed By Camilla Parker Bowles' Push To Become Queen

Despite the attention that Camilla succeeded in attracting with her huge headpiece, Kate looked beautiful and happy in her tiara, reported the Sun.

"Pregnant Kate Middleton beamed [in] Princess Diana's favorite tiara for a diplomatic ball with the queen."

As part of her duties as Prince William's wife, Middleton participated in the reception at Buckingham Palace. Her headpiece glittered with diamonds and shone with pearls. Diana wore the tiara after receiving it as a wedding gift in 1981 from the queen. Middleton subsequently donned the headpiece last year at a reception for Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Kate Middleton In Line To Become Queen, But "Fuming" Camilla Parker Bowles Cannot Without Prince William & Harry's Support

At this point, Prince Charles is next in line to the throne after the queen dies or steps down. However, if he desires Camilla to become queen, she will require Prince William's and Prince Harry's support. At this point, it is thought to be unlikely that they will agree, which would mean that Parker Bowles would be the princess consort rather than queen.

Kate Middleton has helped to turn tiaras into a hot fashion statement ever since she wed Prince William.
Kate Middleton has helped to turn tiaras into a hot fashion statement ever since she wed Prince William.

In contrast, royal author Marlene Koenig revealed that Kate is in line to be queen.

"[Kate Middleton] is the future queen consort when William becomes king after his father."

When the Daily Star conducted a poll in which British residents voted on whether they wanted Camilla as the queen, 87 percent said that they did not support Parker Bowles.

Camilla Parker Bowles Urges Prince Charles To Fight

The situation involving Kate Middleton has left Camilla furious, according to sources quoted by Celebrity Insider. Other polls have shown that most residents prefer William and Kate to Parker Bowles and Charles, and Camilla reportedly is "fuming" about the possibilities.

"[Camilla Parker Bowles] has told her husband to 'stand up and fight,' because the throne is his destiny."

If Charles does become king, he would make history as the oldest individual to achieve the throne. However, rumors that he and Camilla could be bypassed for William and Middleton continue to soar, causing Parker Bowles to be even more frustrated, according to the insiders.

And although Camilla posed like a queen and chose a tiara fit for a queen, it may be Prince William and Prince Harry who ultimately have the power to decide her fate. Parker Bowles was even reported to be scheming to form a pact with Meghan Markle in hopes of getting Meghan to influence Harry, as the Inquisitr reported.