Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller Shows Off Their Impressive Chemistry While Under The Covers

Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco were in the spotlight in General Hospital as their characters become involved in a sinister plot together with Steve Burton. To lighten up the intense atmosphere in General Hospital, Killy announced a big event for their fans. Miller and Monaco will hold a live event, and their invitation to fans was just too adorable.

The latest happenings in General Hospital will put Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco's characters in a challenging position. Billy Miller's Jason was proved to be the fake one. As it turns out, the man Sam lived with all this time is Andrew Cain. Right after the big revelation, Sam reassured Miller's character that she will stay by his side.

While the onscreen characters of the General Hospital actors go through a rough patch, Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco seem to be perfectly happy with the outpouring support from their fans. Given how close the two actors are, there were rumors that they were dating in real life. As a treat to their fans, Killy will hold a live event next year in New York.

General Hospital's Drew and Sam will head off to the Big Apple on February 24 for a joint fan event in partnership with Soap Opera Digest.

In a short video clip, Miller and Monaco were hiding under a colorful blanket, looking quite underdressed. Miller explained they were in his dressing room while running some lines together.

From their appearance, they looked as if they just finished practicing a bed scene. Killy personally thanked fans in advance for purchasing tickets for their fan event. According to Miller, they wanted to do something different and fun. Monaco also revealed that this will be her first time doing this kind of event. Killy fans will surely be thrilled with this news.

While Killy tries to prepare an exciting event for their fandom, some fans caused quite a ruckus on social media because of their threatening posts against Steve Burton. Burton who played the role of Jason Morgan before Miller returned to General Hospital. The twin storyline was built upon his reappearance in the ABC soap and renewed the interest of many fans. While a lot of viewers were glad to see Burton back in the show, there were some who were not thrilled about how Burton's character caused so much pain for Miller's Drew. In a previous message to fans, Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco asked fans to stop bullying each other and other actors in General Hospital.