‘Little People, Big World’ Cancellation News: Amy Roloff Responds To Rumors, Teases Show’s Return

Thos RobinsonGetty Images

Little People, Big World has been running for over 10 years on TLC and it still remains as one of the most watched shows on the network. While this may be case, it remains a fact that certain dramas eventually come to an end. Is LPBW ending?

Amy Roloff has responded to concerns among fans that Little People, Big World is coming to an end. Per In Touch, many viewers have long been waiting for new episodes of the show to drop on TLC, but it looks like they need to wait a couple more months before they see the Roloff family back in action.

This long hiatus has reportedly sparked rumors on Little People, Big World‘s cancellation on TLC despite it having a lot of loyal followers. However, Amy reassured viewers that she has not heard about the show’s cancellation yet from the network executives and show’s producers.

Amy also told fans that the new season of Little People, Big World will most likely air in March 2018 or earlier. Many viewers are definitely looking forward to the new episodes of the TLC reality series, as it is expected to feature the new addition to the Roloff family, Audrey and Jeremy’s daughter, baby Ember.

In the meantime, fans are being updated on the lives of the Roloff family through their social media posts. The LPBW stars celebrated Thanksgiving together despite being busy with their own lives. For instance, Amy has been quite busy going around and visiting friends together with her boyfriend, Chris Marek.

Matt also shared a rare snapshot with his girlfriend, Caryn. On the other hand, Audrey has received some flak among her followers over her parenting style, but the Little People, Big World star was able to defend herself from critics.

So, what are the actual odds that Little People, Big World is ending? While not much can be said about the TLC drama’s ratings, an earlier report from The Wrap shows that the show received its highest record with a total of 2.3 million viewers during its eighth season.

LPBW may not have been able to surpass this record since then, but who knows, maybe the show will be able to do so, especially with the addition of baby Jackson and Ember in the new season?