Real Reason Why WWE Officials Continue To Push Jason Jordan Revealed

A few months ago, Jason Jordan was revealed to be Kurt Angle's "long-lost son" on WWE programming to move him to Monday Night Raw from SmackDown Live. Since then, Jordan has received a strong push as a singles star, but the WWE Universe has been critical of his overall performance. It was a lot of pressure to put on Jason Jordan to make him Kurt Angle's "son." A lot of people would argue that he has not delivered.

He has proven himself to be a great athlete and wrestler over his WWE career, but his "bland" persona as a babyface and lack of mic skills have been heavily criticized by the WWE Universe. Jordan's persona as Kurt Angle's son has also received some criticism and that push hasn't gone as planned. However, Jason Jordan continues to be pushed on Monday Night Raw because he appeals to a specific part of the WWE Universe.

It's being reported that WWE officials continue to push Jason Jordan because of a strong following he has with WWE's female demographic. Apparently, Jordan has an extremely strong female following that is only second to Roman Reigns. When WWE officials saw that trend, the decision was made to split Jordan from Chad Gable and give Jason a more significant push on Raw to capitalize on his following with female fans.

Real Reason Why WWE Officials Continue To Push Jason Jordan Revealed
'WWE officials remain hopeful Jason Jordan's appeal to women will make him a star.'

Unfortunately, Jason Jordan's appeal to women hasn't translated into the babyface run that WWE officials were hoping for when made him Kurt Angle's "son." The move was meant to catapult him into a main event run quickly, but it hasn't worked. Jordan continues to have great performances inside the ring, but there is a lot of criticism surrounding his character on WWE television and many fans are waiting for his heel turn.

WWE officials aren't expected to give up on Jason Jordan's push for quite some time. The expectation is an intense rivalry between him and Kurt Angle is imminent and may even happen at WrestleMania 34. There is a lot of work to do before the WWE Universe embraces Jordan as a top guy on Raw, but it seems that the powers that be will continue trying to get him over as a babyface as long as female fans are endorsing him.