State Worker Suspended For Allegedly Giving Hubby Sneak-Peek Of Adam Lanza’s Body


Farmington, CT — A woman who works for Connecticut’s Chief Medical Examiner is under investigation for allegedly allowing her husband to check out Adam Lanza’s body before an autopsy was performed on the Sandy Hook shooter.

She is now on paid administrative leave while the probe by state officials goes forward.

The Hartford Courant reported on the autopsy-room incident that allegedly occurred two days after the Newton school massacre:

“Sources said that Jean Henry, a processing technician at the Farmington facility, and her husband entered the refrigerated room in which bodies are kept pending autopsies on the morning of the day when the post-mortem would later be performed on Lanza.

“They went to the gurney where Lanza lay, then Henry unzipped the bag so her husband could look at him for a moment, and she closed the bag and they left the room, sources familiar with situation told The Courant Wednesday.

As a member of the general public and a non-employee, Henry’s husband had no apparent authorization to enter the refrigeration room:

“The only people allowed into the rear area, where bodies are stored and where autopsies are performed, are the authorized staff of the office and law enforcement personnel attending autopsies as part of their investigations.”

Jean Henry has an unrelated lawsuit pending against the current Connecticut governor and other officials over what she claims is an unfair demotion.

Lanza’s remains were claimed for burial anonymously on December 30, but there is some speculation in the media that Peter Lanza, Adam’s father, stepped forward. As TheInquisitrpreviously reported, it is probable that Adam Lanza’s body will be cremated privately or buried in an undisclosed location.