Ohio Stripper In Critical Condition After Lap Dance Fall

christie's cabaret

Cleveland, OH – An Ohio stripper is in critical condition after a balcony accident during a lap dance. The incident happened at Christie’s Cabaret, a strip club in The Flats neighborhood on Wednesday morning. Lauren Block, 22, was on the second floor of the Cleveland strip club when she reportedly landed on her head after a fall over the balcony.

Cleveland police officers were initially told that Block had been throw over the balcony, Fox News 8 reports. After arriving and reviewing the scene, the law enforcement officers determined the stripper’s fall was an accident.

The male witness who was receiving the 1 am lap dance at Christie’s Cabaret told police that something went horribly wrong during the erotic encounter. According to the man’s statements to Cleveland authorities, Lauren Block grabbed the railing as she faced away from the balcony in an attempt to complete some type of dance or jump move. While in the midst of doing the lap dance routine, she apparently lost her balance and accidentally went over the balcony head first.

According to the Ohio strip club’s website, Christie’s Cabaret is the fastest growing chain of “Gentlemen’s Clubs” in the United States. The Flats location is one of several in the chain. The venue reportedly offers a spacious main stage, private dances, and pole dancing.

The Cleveland stripper reportedly suffered major head trauma as a result of the 15-foot fall from the second floor of Christie’s Cabaret. Lauren Block was reportedly transported to MetroHealth Medical Center and is currently listed in critical condition.