Planet X/Nibiru Conspiracy Theories Continue: Moon Allegedly Not Real, Government Hiding Impending Apocalypse?

Aung Shine OoAP Images

There has been a lot of talk regarding a mythical planetary system named Nibiru, also referred to as Planet X. Last month, the world was reportedly supposed to end from a series of earthquakes that would wipe out mankind. However, that didn’t happen and humans continue to exist. Just because that belief didn’t pan out doesn’t mean that the conspiracy theories have stopped.

There is a new twist and it involves the government reportedly creating a simulated moon to hide Nibiru. In addition, there are claims that it is to allegedly cover up an impending apocalypse. To most, this would seem like a wild science fiction story. However, there are actually people who believe that the moon that is seen in the sky is not real.

The Planet X myth is not a new theory. It actually began in 1976, according to Daily Express. Writer Zecharia Sitchin claimed the Babylonians and Sumerians told of an enormous planet, Nibiru, which allegedly orbited the sun. The conspiracy theories state that Nibiru is a mini solar system that has planets, moons, and a sun. It is allegedly on the edge of Earth’s solar system. It is predicted by some that the planets will cause the poles to switch, which could cause massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters.

Matt Rogers, who said mankind would be wiped out by earthquakes last month, has a new twist on this theory. He believes that government officials are hiding the real sun and moon in order to keep Planet X hidden. He also claims that Nibiru could trigger an apocalypse and the government wants to keep the public in the dark.

On YouTube, Rogers claims that instead of there being a real moon, people are just seeing a simulation. He claims to have proof of this based on seeing a beam of light. He speculates that the government is frantically spraying loads of chemicals in the sky to keep the real moon hidden by unsuspecting humans, which would also mask Planet X.

It certainly seems like a lot of work to disguise the moon and create a fake one just to prevent panic. Even though Rogers does have some followers, there are others who have ridiculed his claims. In addition, NASA has repeatedly debunked the Planet X/Nibiru myth and have outright called it an Internet hoax.