December 5, 2017
Major Update Regarding Daniel Bryan's In-Ring Return

Recently, the news broke that WWE doctors were reconsidering Daniel Bryan's in-ring future. Some of his recent tests came back extremely positive, so rumor came to light that Bryan could be medically cleared for an in-ring return before the end of the year. Apparently, several doctors outside of WWE have cleared him to wrestle. The WWE Universe was hopeful that Bryan had enough to convince WWE doctors to clear him.

The current general manager of SmackDown Live has been actively training for his in-ring return with the expectation that he would have to wait until his contract expires with WWE next fall. However, receiving a green light from WWE doctors would have likely kept Daniel Bryan with the company for the long-term. It is now being reported that Bryan still has not been cleared him, and the odds are they won't anytime soon.

The WWE Universe was under the impression that Daniel Bryan would be able to wrestle before the Royal Rumble, but there isn't any truth to that rumor yet. He could be cleared before the PPV or on the "Road to WrestleMania." However, it seems WWE doctors have reevaluated his health and have reached the same conclusion that it's not worth the risk for Bryan to wrestle inside a WWE ring again before his deal expires.

Daniel Bryan Could Return to A WWE Ring
'The battle continues for Daniel Bryan to get back into the ring.'

The WWE Universe may be disappointed that Daniel Bryan continues to sit on the sidelines when so many doctors outside of the company have medically cleared him to compete. Unfortunately, Dr. Joseph Maroon has the final say if Daniel Bryan can wrestle for WWE, and the impression is he still believes that Bryan is unfit to compete, which means wrestling fans need to wait until his WWE contract expires this September.

After that, it's will be in Bryan Danielson's hands if his wrestling career continues, but WWE doctors do not want to risk him getting severely injured inside a WWE ring. It's likely that the powers that be will take one last look at his health before the end of his contract before allowing him to leave the company, but it seems September will be the earliest Daniel Bryan can wrestle another match whether he stays with WWE or not.