Former Employees Accuse Top Editor At ‘National Enquirer’ Of Sexual Misconduct

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images

The top editor at National Enquirer and other gossip publications, such as Us Weekly, forced women to watch and listen to pornographic material in the newsroom, Associated Press reports. The current chief content officer of American Media Inc., Dylan Howard, reportedly discussed female employees’ sex lives and described his own sexual encounters in detail.

According to his former employees, Mr. Howard’s self-proclaimed nickname was “Dildo.” His inappropriate conduct led to an internal report, after which Howard quit the L.A. office, but he the editor was rehired again, one year later. In fact, he was promoted. The promotion landed him in the company’s main office in New York, where he continued with inappropriate behavior.

Associated Press spoke to 12 former employees. Two of them agreed to be publicly identified. Maxine Page, a former senior editor at RadarOnline, says: “The behavior that Dylan displayed and the way he was and the way the company dealt with it — I just think that it has to be made public because it’s completely unacceptable.”

Apart from Page, six other employees confirmed Howard made extremely inappropriate comments and, bizarrely, wanted to create a Facebook account on behalf of an employee’s vagina. Apart from that, he forced some of his employees to listen to graphic recording of celebrities having sex. Another employee, a former senior editor, claims Howard encouraged her to have sex with people in exchange for information.

Reportedly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It gets even worse: Dylan Howard allegedly worked with movie producer Harvey Weinstein to undermine allegations of Weinstein’s sexual misconduct. Howard had ordered one of the reporters to dig up dirt on one of Weinstein’s victims.

It looks like another major sexual misconduct scandal is exploding.

Who is Dylan Howard?

Born in Australia, Dylan Howard holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. He moved to the United States in 2009 and worked for Reuters Television. He has been published in Hello, Woman’s Day, News of the World, to name a few. Dylan Howard is currently the chief content officer of American Media Inc. American Media publishes the National Enquirer, Star, Radar Online, US Weekly and a few other similar gossip publications. Mr. Howard’s job is to oversee those newsrooms.

Howard is known for throwing lavish parties, often in Malibu and Las Vegas. In 2012, he invited about a dozen employees to Las Vegas, for his birthday. He dubbed the three-day party “Dildo’s Dirty 30,” which prompted the HR department to start conducting interviews about the editor’s inappropriate behavior.