Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Become 'Counting On' Fans' Favorite Couple On Instagram, Even Without Baby News

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are quickly becoming the favorite among Counting On fans. With their great fashion sense, refusing to live life by any other rules than theirs, and delaying having a baby so that they really get to know each other, the couple has slowly won the hearts of the Duggar family's followers. Even without the constant baby updates like her sisters -- Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna Duggar -- like to give, Jinger has made herself stand out on Instagram.

Every time the 23-year-old Duggar and her 30-year-old husband post on Instagram, they are immediately met with praises, not criticisms. While Counting On fans like to criticize other Duggars for not having a real job and getting pregnant too quickly, when it comes to Jinger and Jeremy, they love the way that this couple lives their lives.

In Jeremy Vuolo's latest Instagram update, he wrote about how great it was to work with young men in Katy, Texas, as the pastor of Grace Community Church. While some fans do know that the Duggars are overtly religious, they seemed very supportive that he is working on his career and ministry.

"Love your spirit and heart for the Lord," one fan commented. "Keep up the good work. Your life is truly a living testimony."

"Use every opportunity to share God's word," another encouraged. "Love that about Jeremy"

While fans are eager to hear about whether she will be having a baby soon, they are mostly supportive of her as she lives by her own rules.

"I love how you guys take time together before starting a family," a fan wrote in one of the picture's comment section.

"You both truly love being with each other," another commented. "With the way you guys play and having fun, I can only see how much fun a child will have with you both as parents. What a blast!"

A fan also claimed that Jinger is the "favorite Duggar" amongst Counting On followers.

The fans have been impressed by the fact that Jinger broke away from her parents and moved all the way to Texas after the wedding. She also started wearing pants, which also goes against her mother's dress code.

While they are not expecting a baby themselves, they are very enthusiastic around their nephews. Check out Jeremy hanging out with Jessa and Ben Seewald's kids.

Jinger and Jeremy just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and are gearing up for their second Christmas season together.