Georgia Police Shoot, Kill Family’s Dog, Then Force Owner To Cut Off Its Head

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A disturbing video showing a man being forced to cut the head off his own dog is making its rounds on Facebook and the footage has sparked tremendous outrage from animal activists. The incident was detailed in a report from the website InfoWars and the video was posted to Facebook by the dog’s owner, Joe Nathan Goodwin.

Goodwin, who filmed the incident, claims that after initially refusing to cut off his dog’s head, a Crawford County sheriff’s deputy assaulted him by slamming him on the hood of his truck.

It is unclear as to why police were called to the man’s property, but police reportedly shot and killed Goodwin’s dog after it charged at officers. Unfortunately, Goodwin’s children witnessed the horrifying incident as the deputy gunned down their beloved family pet.

After shooting Goodwin’s dog in front of his kids, an officer can be heard in the video telling him to remove its head.

As a report from the Free Thought Project notes, removing the head of an animal is standard procedure for health departments when testing an animal for rabies as the only definitive way to determine if an animal had rabies is to examine the brain. This is impossible to do while alive. The procedure is meant to be done by a trained professional, not the animal’s owner.

Although the dog didn’t bite anyone, Officer Hollis, who can be seen in the video wearing a purple shirt, demanded that Goodwin produce shot records. Hollis became irate when Goodwin told them he didn’t have them, although he did state he believed the dog was current on its shots.

“I tell you what,” Hollis can be heard saying. “I will take you to jail and charge you.”

“Charge me with what?” Goodwin asks the officer.

“When I get there, I’ll give you the charges,” Hollis replied.

“What law did I break?” questioned Goodwin.

“We asking you to cut… remove the dog’s head,” the cop states.

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Despite protest from Goodwin, he is forced to cut his dog’s head off moments after witnessing it being shot by police. Goodwin posted the horrifying video showing him cutting his dog’s head, but it was flagged by Facebook for containing “graphic violence or gore.” However, the video is still available on Facebook but it will not be posted here due to its extremely graphic content.

The video incited outrage among viewers, with many suggesting that Goodwin seek legal action against the officers.