WWE News: Broken Matt Hardy Debuts On ‘Raw’ In Segment With Bray Wyatt


On the latest episode of WWE’s Raw, fans finally got to see the other side of Matt Hardy they’d been patiently waiting for. Ever since his arrival back to the WWE with his brother Jeff Hardy, many members of the WWE Universe were wondering if they would be able to use their popular new gimmick. With Jeff injured for weeks now and Matt involved in a singles scenario with Bray Wyatt, he finally revealed that humorous-yet-dark side of his persona.

According to ProWrestling.net, the latest Monday night WWE show took place in Los Angeles, California and featured the unveiling of Matt Hardy’s popular new gimmick. In a video segment that appeared on the big screen during the latest Raw, fans saw a promo that began with “The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt delivering one of his latest messages. The heart of the matter had to do with the man he defeated last week in the ring, Matt Hardy, and his transformation beyond his “breaking point.” While Wyatt was continuing his speech, suddenly the pictured became scrambled and Matt Hardy appeared. From there, fans learned that Matt has now become “woken” and that the “broken” version of Matt seen in TNA previously is part of the WWE.

The video below was posted to WWE’s Twitter page after the segment appeared on Monday’s Raw.

All of this makes for an exciting feud now as it could not only boost Matt’s popularity again on the main roster as a singles superstar, but also Bray Wyatt’s. There have been plenty of fans who feel Bray has been booked in a strange way, never quite looking like the menacing figure he’s supposed to be. However, some may feel that putting him in a feud with Hardy is more comical than menacing. Even so, just the fact he’s involved in it brings more attention to Wyatt in a feud that could be quite entertaining over the next several weeks.

All of that begs the question of what Jeff Hardy’s role will be when he makes his eventual return to the ring? Will Jeff become “Brother Nero” again like he was in TNA? Also, will Matt bring along his wife Reby Sky Hardy and son “King Maxell” for the journey? It’s certainly going to be interesting to see going forward in terms of how far the feud with Bray Wyatt goes and how the gimmick catches on with fans less familiar with Broken Matt Hardy.