Newlywed Couple Diagnosed With Cancer Within Two Weeks Of Each Other


Michael and Annette Maguire just got married in June, but they have known each other for eight years. With seven children between them, they are deeply in love, but the odds are stacked against them as they both received a devastating diagnosis.

According to KC TV, Michael was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Just two weeks later, Annette learned that she had stage three lymphoma. Their doctor was shocked when they both had cancer. He had never seen that in all his years of practice.

The Maguires both work and have health coverage, but medical bills are quickly piling up. Their loved ones held a fundraiser for the couple. There were raffle tickets and tables, and tables were full of items to auction. Annette said that they are incredibly blessed with the love and support they have in their community.

In August, Michael had surgery. He spent 13 days in the hospital and found himself with a new reality. He suffered two serious complications from surgery —he cannot keep any food down, and he cannot sleep. The combination of the two complications left him feeling weak and about 30 pounds lighter in a short span of only three weeks.

Every day is a battle for this special couple, but they would tell you that even though it isn’t easy, they are incredibly blessed to have each other.


Their oncologist said that in all his decades of experience, he has never seen a couple both being diagnosed with cancer in a short time. The couple is hoping to beat the odds and believe that their love with help them beat cancer.

The Maguires face an impossible fate with Annette facing stage three cancer. She will begin chemotherapy next week. Even though her diagnosis sounds terrifying, Annette continues to have a good attitude and believes she will beat the disease.

Michael started chemotherapy last week. Their medical bills are piling up, so their family and loved ones started a GoFundMe campaign to help them. So far, the campaign has raised almost $3,000.

The Maguires said that it felt like a cruel joke at first. Michael recalled feeling like they both can’t possibly beat a cancer diagnosis.

“It’s hard. You think you finally get it all together and move on.,” Annette said. “Face the possibility of dying and not having the rest of your lives together.”