Angelina Jolie Look-Alike: Iranian Teen, Sahar Tabar, Explains Bizarre Transformation

Angelina Jolie's super fan explains her alleged 50 operations to look like the 'Maleficent' star.

Angelina Jolie's super fan explains her alleged 50 operations to look like the 'Maleficent' star.

Angelina Jolie’s undeniable good looks have always been an inspiration to women all around the world. While some who wanted to surgically enhance their appearance just pick one or two features of the Maleficent star to imitate, an Iranian teen, Sahar Tabar, took it a step further and changed her whole face that shocked the internet. Now, she finally explains her bizarre transformation.

Sahar Tabar was faced with a lot of backlash with her new look, with internet trolls calling her a zombie look-alike instead of Angelina Jolie. Some even pointed out that she looked like a character from Tim Burton movie, The Corpse Bride.

The 19-year-old has initially kept mum regarding her Angelina Jolie-inspired appearance after her photos and videos went viral. But Sahar Tabar finally broke her silence after reading reports that she allegedly underwent 50 operations in an attempt to look like her idol.

Sahar Tabar slammed earlier reports, noting that although she did have procedures done on her face, she has not undergone 50 operations. She also said that she has edited the viral pics, so they were not snaps of her actual face.

The teen then hit back at her critics, saying that they are “probably living in the 18th century and they haven’t seen or heard of technology or make-up.” Her statement further confirmed her claim that her Angelina Jolie-inspired pics were just enhanced.

While people have been using Angelina Jolie’s face as inspiration, the Hollywood superstar is dealing with her own body issues. The 42-year-old actress’ weight became an issue once again after fans have noticed her looking extra thin and unhealthy in her recent photos.

Although her weight has been talked about for years, it became a much bigger deal as of late, knowing that Angelina Jolie is facing a lot of stress after her divorce from long-time partner, Brad Pitt. It appears that their split has finally taken a toll on the 40-year-old actress’ health, and people started to really worry about her.

Despite the alarming update, the insider revealed something positive, saying that Angelina Jolie is “finally feeling better emotionally though, she can start concentrating on her health again.”