December 5, 2017
'Little People, Big World': Baby Jackson Roloff Goes On His First Snow Trip

[UPDATE: Check out the photos of Jackson Roloff's first snow trip to Mt. Hood below.]

The first time is always the most memorable and although 6-month-old Jackson Roloff is too young to remember ever going on his first ever snow trip, at least his parents, Zach and Tori will likely remember this vacation as one of the family's best ever.

Based on the video clips Tori shared on her Instagram Stories, it looks like everyone had lots of fun on their vacation. One of the videos shows Zach driving while on their way to the Timberline Lodge and Ski Area. Tori asked Zach where they were going and her tired-looking husband answered that the family was on their way to the mountain before pulling down the shade because of the bright sunlight on his face.

"Jackson's first trip to snow," Tori said before pointing the camera at Jackson who was in his car seat behind her. "Where's he at?"

Tori also posted a video showing what looks like the inside of the lodge. Tori also shared a couple of glorious still shots of the mountain slope, highlighted by a lot of white, blue, and green. The slope is covered in snow while tall trees and a blanket of clouds lead to a mountain in the distance. Incidentally, Tori previously shared that she loves mountains, as mentioned in another Inquistr article.

Despite the tiring drive, it seems like Zach had the most fun of the three. Zach pulled a sled-riding Jackson while Tori was close behind with camera in hand.

"Our little Eskimo in a sled," Tori said.

Zach also got to ride a sled down the slope.

"Hey Jackson, there goes daddy," Tori said as Zach went down the slope.

A man in the background was all excited for Zach as he talked to Jackson.

"Next year it's your turn," said the man. "There he goes! He's wiping out! He's wiping out!"

Tori also shared a few more shots of their snow trip with one showing Jackson all bundled up to keep him warm.

The next clip shows a tired Jackson getting some shuteye at the back of the family car.

"Too much mountain for the baby," Tori said in a video again showing Jackson in the back seat of their car.

It's not clear though if the video was taken while they were on their way to the mountain or if they were driving back home.

Unfortunately, not everyone can see how much fun Jackson and his parents Zach and Tori had on their snow trip. The Roloff couple has yet to post any photos from their trip so only those on Instagram can see the video clips and still shots Tori shared on her Instagram Stories. This should not be a problem, though, as the social media savvy Tori will likely share more photos of their vacation as soon as she's able.

The family is a huge fan of trips and vacations. Zach and Tori have already brought baby Jackson to California to visit his great grandparents. They've also been to Seattle Seahawks games, to Forks, Washington, and to Disneyland, as In Touch reported.