Young Mother Dies Just One Day After Being Diagnosed With The Flu


A young mother with no apparent preexisting conditions died one day after being diagnosed with the flu, according to reports.

Alani Murrieta, 20, checked into a Phoenix hospital last week on November 27 with flu symptoms. On November 28, she was dead from pneumonia.

Alani’s aunt, Stephanie Gonzalez, told FOX 10 that her niece left work early that Sunday due to not feeling well. She claims her relative rarely got sick other than the occasional cold.

That following Monday, Alani’s sister took the sick woman to urgent care, along with Alani’s children who had also fallen ill sometime previously. They were all diagnosed with the flu and sent home with medication to combat the illness. The next morning, Alani’s condition worsened to the point where she could barely breathe, so her mother took her back to the hospital.

The aunt relayed to news reporters that Alani’s oxygen levels were lower than usual. X-rays were done to figure out the problem, and it was discovered she had pneumonia.

“It kind of just went downhill after that,” Ms. Gonzalez told FOX 10.

Within hours of her upgraded health status, Alani would be pronounced dead.

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A young mother died one day after being diagnosed with the flu.Featured image credit: sturtiiStock

“Murrieta was put on a ventilator and then her heart stopped,” the New York Daily News wrote.

“Doctors tried to resuscitate her, but could not do so. Gonzales says doctors told the family Murrieta had [the] flu [and] that turned into pneumonia. She reportedly had no preexisting conditions.”

Murrieta leaves behind two young children, including a six-month-old son. Her family is understandably heartbroken by the news of the young mother’s sudden passing. Ms. Gonzalez says her family is still in disbelief over the loss of Alani, claiming that they “never in a million years” would they assume that Alani would perish in the way she did.


A GoFundMe page created to raise funds for Alani’s funeral has gathered nearly $13,000 of its $15,000 goal, and notes the family as being completely “devastated” at the young mother’s passing.

“Alani passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon from the flu that turned into pneumonia,” it reads on the profile.

“Alani was a beautiful loving mother, just 20 years old with two young boys. We are trying to keep strong and make the necessary arrangements but need help with funds as her passing was completely unexpected.”

There has been no word on the health status of Alani’s children past their flu diagnosis. Funeral services for Alani were not made clear by the family. The CDC warns that there are currently three states with high levels of flu activity, and that numbers are rising every single week.