‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Louise Sorel Talks Vivian Alamain’s Return, Shocked Big Story Hasn’t Leaked Yet

Charley GallayGetty Images for ATI

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal Louise Sorel should be appearing soon as Vivian Alamain. Recently, an interview with the actress teased that her storyline is huge. While she couldn’t give away any spoilers, she did confess her surprise that the storyline hasn’t leaked yet. Apparently, it is supposed to have a huge impact on the unsuspecting Salemites.

Casey Hutchison has the opportunity to speak with Louise Sorel and the audio was posted on YouTube. Many topics were discussed, including the various soap operas that the actress has appeared in. Toward the end of the audio clip, Days Of Our Lives is mentioned and this is where it gets interesting.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers confirm that Vivian Alamain will have someone with her when she makes her grand entrance. Although the character name is being kept under wraps, it is portrayed by General Hospital alum Tyler Christopher. There is speculation that he might be a DiMera. A leaked script cover page referenced him as “Stefan DiMera.” This name is awfully close to Stefano, who was played for decades by the late daytime icon, Joseph Mascolo.

In the interview, Louise Sorel teased that Vivian’s storyline is big and there will be a huge impact.

“It’s a big one and I don’t really think it’s appropriate [to reveal any clues]. I can’t believe someone hasn’t leaked it, but I won’t [say anything] because it wouldn’t respectful to the show.”

Sorel also revealed that nobody was supposed to know that Vivian was returning to Days Of Our Lives. Spoilers confirmed her return a few months ago and it was huge news. Even though the soap opera tried to keep it a secret, they just weren’t able to keep it hidden for long. This led to head writer Ron Carlivati teasing a few clues, but nothing substantial.

“The fans that know him as Nikolas [on GH] know somewhat what to expect, and he’s a talented actor. He brings a certain gravitas with him, and he was the perfect fit for what I wanted to do with this story… I always think of New Year’s Eve as a great time to have something big happen at midnight, so that is kind of a key to the return of Vivian and the entrance of Tyler, and I am wanting it to remain somewhat of a mystery for now of who he will be. But he is the first new character I have created here.”

The actress also said that the impact of what occurs at the beginning of Vivian’s storyline is “a big one.” Even though she couldn’t give away any Days Of Our Lives spoilers, there is some information that has already been released.

At the Days Of Days event, Susan Seaforth Hayes, who plays Julie Horton, gave away some hints. She said that Vivian returns with a vengeance. Judging by the look on Hayes’ face, it is huge and will affect a lot of people in Salem.

Louise Sorel will reprise her role of Vivian Alamian on Days Of Our Lives around the New Year.