Charles Manson’s Cause Of Death Revealed: Cult Leader Had ‘Megacolon,’ Attacked His Doctors On His Deathbed

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Charles Manson may be dead, but details surrounding his final hospital stay are just now coming out. According to Crimefeed, an eyewitness who was present inside the operating room where doctors made one more attempt to save the 83-year-old ‘s life revealed the convicted killer went “crazy” in his final days.

Apparently, as the doctor’s tried to calm Manson down, he fought them every step of the way until his dying breath. Charles had to be restrained for fear he would attack the doctors working hard to save his life.

The operation was performed at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield, California, just two days before Charles died. He was suffering from a condition called “megacolon,” which is when a person’s large intestine swells beyond its normal size. It is a painful condition and usually requires the colon to be removed.

Manson was serving nine life sentences at Corcoran prison for orchestrating a murder spree that resulted in seven people’s death, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate. Even though Manson was old and not in good health, he was housed in a glass room so he could be watched at all times. They had guards posted on both ends of the hallway to keep an eye on him.

Charles Manson's most recent prison picture
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Charles’ former counselor, Edward George revealed that he didn’t believe Manson had a mental illness. He believed that he was evil and liked having the reputation of being a dangerous criminal.

“He had the power to scare the hell outta ya,” George stated.

George said that even when he was in prison, Manson was manipulative. He would try to get George to do small things for him. The counselor remembers one time, Charles threatened to have him “butchered” if he didn’t do what he wanted. Manson allegedly bragged that he had people on the outside that would take care of it for him if he asked.

In Manson’s final years, he grew obsessed with the occult, particularly voodoo dolls. Retired Los Angeles County Prosecutor Stephen Kay claimed that Manson would stick needles in them, hoping to injure the live person the doll was fashioned after. At least one of the voodoo dolls has popped up for auction since Charles Manson’s death.