Alberto El Patron Reveals Why He And Paige Are No Longer A Couple


Alberto El Patron and Paige have officially called it quits, and El Patron revealed why. Weeks ago, there was major speculation that the couple had split up, after Paige was criticizing some PDA (public display of affection) from a couple at a bar.

Paige looked back at the couple kissing, and responded, “that’s why I’m single.”

According to The Sun, El Patron confirmed the couple splitting in a recent interview. He stated the major factors that caused them to no longer be a couple.

“We decided to end our relationship because she’s in Orlando, I’m in San Antonio and now she’s back on the road and the schedule over there is non-stop.

“And my schedule is non-stop with my pro wrestling shows, my projects and stuff with Telemundo-Mexico TV Azteca, calendar, charity events and all that stuff.

“So we were not seeing each other and then, because she was training and getting ready to go back, they were not letting her come to San Antonio.

“I couldn’t go to Orlando because I have three little kids and I was coming home two or three days.”

Based on her time on Total Divas, Paige has been public about her relationship problems. Although many criticized the relationship with El Patron from the beginning, Paige was apparently head-over-heels for the former WWE Champion, and even wrote a lengthy statement of how much he meant to her. She would also be quick to post pictures and statuses about her relationship.

What caused a great deal of controversy is when Paige proposed to El Patron following his match at the WWC Aniversario 43 show on October 16, 2016. While the legitimacy of the proposal was discussed as being legit or not, Paige made it sure to confront the naysayers on social media about her decision.

What made things even crazier is when El Patron’s wife spoke up about the engagement. In fact, when asked whether the two were divorced, her lawyer stated that they were “far from it.” Moreover, claims were also made to warn Paige about the way that El Patron was allegedly treating her and the kids could overshadow their relationship.

Although El Patron and Paige are no longer together, both are doing quite well in the wrestling scene. While El Patron was recently the Global Champion in Impact Wrestling, and is involved in a heated feud with Johnny Impact, Paige made her WWE return after nearly a year and a half to introduce her alliance with NXT call-ups Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. The trio would later reveal their name as “Absolution,” and continue their onslaught on current Raw talent, which have included Sasha Banks, Alicia Fox, Mickie James, Bayley, and Alexa Bliss.

To many, this is just another relationship between two wrestlers that did not last long, which is certainly not uncommon.