Anival Angulo: Las Vegas Homeless Man Saves Children From Burning Home, Doesn’t Want To Be Called A Hero


A homeless man is credited with saving the lives of two young children who were in danger of being consumed by a Las Vegas house fire, KSNV-TV (Las Vegas) is reporting.

Anival Angulo was walking around a Sin City neighborhood last week when he saw smoke and heard screams coming from a nearby apartment building. He ran to the house and found that it wasn’t going to be easy for him to get into it: besides the flames and smoke, the building had a security gate. What’s more, the house was securely locked with a deadbolt lock.

Yet Angulo wasn’t going to be deterred. He jumped the security fence and then made his way to the door, where he somehow managed to get it open despite it being securely locked. Once the door was open, a three-year-old girl ran outside and wrapped her arms around her rescuer.

However, Anival wasn’t done. He still heard a scream, and he saw a tiny leg. He pulled the child — a ten-month-old baby — to safety.

Anival isn’t interested in being called a hero, however. He says he was just doing what anyone would do in that situation.

“Went to the door and saw the babies so I jumped the fence and I pulled on the screen door and I wrapped up the babies and pulled them out. I knew I had to get them out.”

The two children were taken to a hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue officials say the fire started in the kitchen. The children’s grandfather was cooking when he went to another room for some reason, and a grease fire broke out. The children started screaming for help, but the grandfather was unable to get to them through the flames. He escaped out a back window.

The home, meanwhile, is thoroughly destroyed. That means that the family is now homeless, just a couple of weeks before Christmas. Fortunately, the Red Cross is helping the family with shelter.

Meanwhile, authorities are crediting Angulo with saving the children’s lives.

“It’s obvious if this person hadn’t been there, these children could’ve been burned or may have been killed in the fire.”

This is not the first time a homeless person’s heroism has made national news in these past couple of weeks. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, homeless man Johnny Bobbit, Jr. gave his last $20 to help a woman who had run out of gas in a strange neighborhood. Moved by the man’s indescribable generosity, the woman started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to get the man an apartment. Despite her goal only being $10,000, the fund quickly raised over $100,000 for the man.