‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Strangles Sam In Shocking PTSD Fit Of Rage?

Frederick M. Brown Getty Images

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew’s (Billy Miller) worst nightmare could become a chilling reality. Until very recently, Drew was Jason Morgan with all the trimmings of family and friends and people who genuinely cared about him. Out of the blue, another man arrives in Port Charles and claims to be Jason Morgan. If that wasn’t enough to shake him to the core, Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) has finally confirmed that Patient Six is Jason Morgan, while Jason is actually his twin, Andrew Cain.

As if that isn’t enough to deal with, Drew also found out that he used to be a Navy SEAL. Undoubtedly, his experience in the Navy has left its mark on him as he struggles to find his equilibrium in certain situations. In fact, viewers may remember that Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) used to call Billy Miller’s Jason “my soldier boy!” General Hospital spoilers suggest that she is obviously at the root of his mind control, despite not knowing who she tasked with the actual chore of carrying out the mind mapping. Recently, Drew had a disturbing dream of choking Jake (Hudson West) which could be another sign of PTSD being triggered as he is unable to cope with his newfound situation.

In the latest shocking new General Hospital spoilers, Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Jake might not be the one who is in imminent danger, but that it is his wife, Sam (Kelly Monaco) whose life could be at risk. Sam has stood by Drew and supported him through the battle for Jason Morgan’s identity. Ironically, because PTSD can be triggered at any time, she could easily be caught in the middle if he suddenly becomes enveloped in a fit of rage. Of course, it would completely unintentional but his stressful situation, lack of sleep and sudden loss of friends could trigger his most violent outburst yet. GH fans have already how he sometimes wakes up disoriented and confused. Perhaps one morning, Drew could wake up strangling Sam in a PTSD-related incident.

General Hospital spoilers tease that this would necessitate Jason stepping in to protect the mother of his child and love of his life, Sam. How would Drew cope with not only hurting Sam, but with Jason interfering in his life yet again? At the very least, perhaps this would spur Drew on to seek the medical attention that he so desperately needs. Stay tuned for all the latest General Hospital spoilers, rumors, and news.