‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew’s PTSD Erupts After Identity Revealed, Will Rage Destroy His Relationships?

General Hospital spoilers tease that the newly established Drew (Billy Miller) will struggle to accept that he is not Jason Morgan. Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) has finally revealed that Patient Six is Jason (Steve Burton). However, Drew is battling with so much underlying rage that he even dreamed of choking Jake (Hudson West) who, until, now everyone believed was his son. Where does all this anger stem from, since it is obvious that there is more to his rage than grief at the loss of his identity?

Drew recently saw an old photo of his days as a Navy SEAL. It has since been confirmed that he used to be in active service and would certainly explain his seething anger. General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, indicate that Drew may be suffering from PTSD. His time as a Navy SEAL could have left him with such emotional and mental scars that he could be suffering from this disorder. In fact, a situation such as the one he currently finds himself in could trigger violent outbursts and sudden fierce bursts of his temper. At the moment, he is rightly insecure about his identity and how his relationships with the people he loves will be affected by the news that he is not who he thought he was.

Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) have both turned their backs on him and have embraced Stone Cold Jason. These were people who he thought were his lifelong friends. He has even doubted Sam’s (Kelly Morgan) belief in him and is extremely insecure about their relationship. It is inevitable that his relationship with Jake and Danny will also change, and one has to wonder how he will react when they are told that Jason is their real father. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he is having an internal battle and fans are anxious to see how he deals with his demons.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the situation could become too intense for Drew to handle and his PTSD may flare. There are even hints that he may lose it to the extent that he could endanger those around him.