‘General Hospital’ Preview: Drew Gets Arrested, What Has He Done To Land Him In Jail? [Spoilers]

It’s a new week, and that means another General Hospital preview has arrived! Now that Andre Maddox has finally revealed that Billy Miller is Andrew Cain and Steve Burton is Jason Morgan, it may be assumed that they can both get on with their lives. However, there are many complications that come with this storyline. There is still so much more drama coming. The latest GH clip shows Drew in handcuffs. Why is he arrested?

This December is already proving to be quite an interesting ride in Port Charles. The Jason Morgan storyline is moving along quicker than expected, but it is far from over. General Hospital spoilers have indicated that there will be more twists and turns in the coming months. One particular scene from the preview clip posted on Twitter shows Andrew being led away to jail and Sam questioning why her husband has been arrested.

General Hospital fans are wondering the same thing. What could Drew have done to land him in jail? He was quite angry when it was revealed by Andre that he was not the real Jason Morgan, despite the memories he has of living his twin brother’s life. He is hurt, confused, and very angry with pretty much everyone.

Will he go after Jason and get arrested? Franco could be a possibility as well since he has been keeping things from him about the twin situation. There is also another scenario that could be the reason he is locked up. Drew has been living Jason Morgan’s life for months now, and even though he may not have known his true identity until now, he has been using Jason’s money to live on and using all of his assets. That could now cause him trouble.

Drew and Sam just bought Derek Wells Media and renamed it Aurora Media, but he signed on the dotted line as Jason Morgan. That could come back to haunt him now that he is not Jason. This could bring Peter August back into the picture as CEO of the new company.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that Sam will plead with Alexis for help. Her mom is a lawyer, so this hints that she is asking for help to get her husband out of jail. This week also has Sam Morgan turning to an unlikely source. Could that be Drew’s twin brother Jason, and Sam’s legal husband? If Drew does get arrested for the legality of Aurora Media, then the real Jason Morgan may just be able to help bail him out of trouble somehow.

Another unlikely source that Sam may turn to is her dad, Julian Jerome. She currently wants nothing to do with him, but that may change now that she needs help. After all, he was the previous owner of the company under the name of Derek Wells.

Stay tuned to General Hospital this week to find out why Drew is in handcuffs and if he will spend any time at all in jail. Will this recent trouble make him even angrier at the situation he is in?