Matt Roloff Babysits Jackson Solo For First Time, Jeremy And Audrey Marks First Year Of First Speaking Event

It's a celebration of firsts for Matt, Jeremy, and Audrey Roloff of Little People Big, World. Matt, the Roloff family patriarch, shared that he recently babysat Jackson for the first time while Jeremy and Audrey are commemorating their first ever speaking engagement, which happened exactly one year ago today.

According to Matt, he didn't only babysit Jackson solo for the first time but he did it twice over the past week.

"Got to babysit Jackson," Matt said. "Not once, but twice this past week!"

Zach and Tori had to leave baby Jackson with Grandpa Matt because they had to shoot a scene for Little People, Big World. Matt took care of Jackson in his office. Last night, Matt got to babysit Jackson for the second time.

"First one was in the office while Zach and Tori were filming a scene," Matt said. "It was my very first solo babysitting gig with this little guy. Then again last night at their house while they had to run a few errands."

The grandfather of two didn't mind babysitting Jackson at all. Matt said that he was happy to be entrusted with his six-month-old grandson.

"I'm sooooo thrilled they trust this old goat (me) with their Dreamboat of a baby!!"
A ton of his followers went against Matt saying he's no old goat and that he's perfectly qualified to take care of baby Jackson.

Matt was not the only one who's marking a first. Audrey posted a photo from exactly a year ago taken during their first ever speaking event. The talk was for their Beating 50 Percent advocacy and their Navigator's Council journal. Audrey and Jeremy addressed a crowd in Asheville, North Carolina.

It seems like controversy hounds Audrey every time she posts a new photo on social media. Audrey has been a victim of mommy-shaming ever since she had her daughter, Ember Jean. It has gotten so bad that Audrey clapped back at these mommy-shamers, according to In Touch Weekly.

This time, one follower thought it was perfectly fine to comment on somebody else's body. The commenter thought Audrey was too skinny and this did not sit well with her other followers.

"Audrey, do you have anorexia," asked a follower. "You are so skinny."

One fan quickly called the commenter out saying she was "incredibly rude." Another said that Audrey doesn't look skinny at all in the photo.

One fan explained that the photo was taken a year ago and that Audrey was likely pregnant around this time. The fan said that Audrey could be suffering from morning sickness though she insisted that the reality TV star looked great in the photo.

Another said the "rude" commenter might not be used to seeing how a normal and healthy person looks like because of all the obese people today.