Twins Spent $20,000 To Look Like Brad Pitt, Did They Do Better Than Angelina Wannabe Sahar Tabar?

Who did it better? Check out the photos in the article.

Who did it better? Check out the photos in the article.

Twin brothers Matt and Mike Schlep from Arizona spent $20,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like Brad Pitt. The news comes after a 19-year-old Iranian girl underwent 50 surgeries to look like Pitt’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Matt and Mike Schlep were desperate to look like Brad Pitt that they agreed to go under the knife for a radical make-over. The aspiring actors from Arizona went on I Want A Famous Face on MTV to achieve the look. The Pitt wannabes spent $20,000 in order to get their nose, jaw, and chin implants. Additionally, the twins had 41 porcelain veneers in between them. They appeared on the show when they were 21-years-old.

The painful process of looking like the famous actor left them unable to eat proper meals, LAD added. The entire procedure took months before the twins achieved their desired look. However, the Schlep brothers said it was all worth it. On the show, Matt confided that his new look has gotten him more girls. In fact, he proudly revealed that he is now getting double-take from girls.

“I would do it ten times over.”

In the end, the painful and lengthy process made them feel good about themselves. Matt Schlep claimed that old girlfriends couldn’t stop staring at him in near tears. Meanwhile, his brother Mike encouraged everyone to go through the surgery they always wanted. He cheered on those who wanted to change their appearance so they can stop feeling down with the way they look.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old teenage Iranian hit headlines recently for the same reason. Sahar Tabar claimed to undergo 50 surgeries to look like Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. The girl, who claimed to be Jolie’s number one fan has since made thousands of followers on Instagram. As expected, not all feedbacks were positive. Most of the followers claimed that she looked the Corpse Bride instead of the famous actress. Others speculate that Tabar is using heavy makeup or digital alteration to dramatize her appearance to get strong reactions from the public. However, this has yet to be proven.

Sahar Tabar has been posting large amounts of photos documenting her journey to achieve her look. She recently posted a makeup tutorial video in which she uses Kylie Jenner’s lip kit. She doesn’t seem to mind the mixed reactions of her followers as she keeps on sharing bits and pieces of her post-surgery life on the social media platform.