'Outlander' Gets Risque With Unexpected Seduction In S3 E12 [Spoilers]

Things aren't going so well for Young Ian Murray. Not only did has parents punish him for running away to be a smuggler with his Uncle Jamie, but once he gets a taste of freedom and is tasked with collecting a secret treasure box from an island, he is immediately captured and is en route to Jamaica.

It is expected that Young Ian will be sold into slavery upon arrival, but he is warned that the Bakra has a thing for young men. And those who go to the Bakra never come back.

Who or what is the Bakra?

It turns out the Bakra is none other than Geillis Duncan! We hear her voice before we even see her and we know what happens next will be interesting.

Young Ian is no match for the likes of Geillis. He first glimpses her impressive naked body emerging from a pool of blood and the seduction begins there.

She is concerned about a missing sapphire from her treasure box and questions him about its whereabouts. She invites him to dine, but the tea she gives him is a special brew that she claims is a kind of truth serum. Young Ian accidentally betrays his Uncle Jamie and says that he may have taken it. She is intrigued to know who it was who actually had her missing treasure.

Geillis and Claire are both time travelers, but Geillis' methods and reason for going through the stones was far more sinister. She and Claire originally bonded over a shared appreciation of medicinal uses for plants and herbs and they were put on trial for witchcraft together. It was there when Geillis revealed her secret to Claire by saying "1968." Claire understood and was worried about what happened to her former friend. Claire thought that she had died, however she knew that the baby (Roger Wakefield's ancestor) took the child.

Well, not only is Geillis still alive, but she is also a murderer and Jacobite extremist and up to her usual tricks.

She expresses her delight that Jamie will be coming after Young Ian.

Geillis claimed to like virgins, but finds them useless after awhile. He thinks he will be spared as he admits to not being one, however, she finds that even more irresistible.

Later, after the deed was done, Geillis meets Claire at the Governor's Ball. Their initial reunification is pleasant, but Geillis does not admit to having Young Ian. Then, she spies her sapphire on Lord John. She sets up a fortune teller so she would have access to the gemstone.

Jamie and Claire learn that she has him and they are determined to get him back.

Jenny and Ian, Sr. would be appalled to learn that their little boy wasn't so innocent anymore, but at least he is still alive, for now.