‘General Hospital’ Rumors: Peter August’s Mastermind Connection, Kim And Oscar In Danger?

Michael HickeyGetty Images

General Hospital (GH) buzz and rumors tease that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is linked to the mysterious twin study mastermind. He sat down for a job interview with Drew (Billy Miller) after he acquired Aurora Media from Julian Jerome (William deVry). Drew (Billy Miller) wondered why Peter was suddenly available for the job. Peter explained that he just returned from Europe and heard that Derek Wells Media had changed hands, so he thought he should try his luck.

General Hospital buzz and rumors hint that Peter’s questioning of Drew (then Jason Morgan) about Patient 6 (Steve Burton) and his apparent interest in the Jason twin controversy suggest why he is in Port Charles, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. He pointedly asked Drew (Billy Miller) whether he believed he was the real Jason Morgan. Drew assured him that he was the real Jason Morgan and that he was ready to fight Patient 6 to protect his identity. Drew insisted that Patient 6 had no evidence to support his claims.

GH buzz teases that Peter’s curiosity about the Jason twin issue suggests a link to the twin study mastermind. Peter August, like Andre (Anthony Montgomery), could be yet another agent of the mastermind sent to monitor Drew and other relevant developments in Port Charles, GH buzz hints.

Fans will recall that Andre said he was sent to Port Charles to monitor Drew after the successful memory transplant operation. A mission to monitor Drew could explain why Peter is seeking employment at Aurora Media—he wants to be close to Drew.

General Hospital rumors also hint that August could also have arrived in Port Charles on a mission linked to Dr. Kim Nero’s (Tamara Braun) presence in Port Charles. Could he have something to do with the reason why Kim does not want to talk to her son Oscar (Garren Stitt) about his father?

Fans will have to wait until the first encounter between Kim and Peter for an insight into how he fits into the details of Kim’s past relationship with Drew. Some fans suggested that he could be Oscar’s real father who has come to Port Charles to claim his son back.

However, it is also possible that Peter is the mastermind’s villainous enforcer sent to Port Charles to ensure that Kim does not talk about what she knows about the memory transfer study. He could threaten Oscar’s life to force Kim to remain silent.

This means that Kim’s life could be in danger because she knows too much. General Hospital buzz hints that Kim could be killed and Oscar rendered an orphan.

Drew might find that he has to step in to adopt Oscar.