Geologist Jess Phoenix Plans To Bring The Scientific Wisdom Of Star Trek To Congress By Running For Office

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Geologist Jess Phoenix has dedicated her life to science, but the growing anti-science movement which currently threatens our planet and has been brought to a head by Donald Trump has inspired her to run for office so that she can bring the wisdom of Star Trek into the political arena to make a change for the better.

In a podcast episode of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, Phoenix explained how worried she was about the future with so many environmental protection laws getting thrown by the wayside today, and is part of a growing number of scientists who plan to enter the field of politics so that they can put a stop to this.

“These guys are basically gutting every environmental protection that existed. It’s a trend we have to stop now. We can’t let this continue.”

Because Jess Phoenix is a Volcanologist, the inevitable jokes about Vulcans from Star Trek often arise, to which Phoenix simply replies, “Live long and prosper,” while making the appropriate Vulcan salute, according to Wired. Phoenix believes that the ethos of Star Trek is an appropriate one and one which could easily be taken to Congress, with its message of peace and a better world for all.

“Its convenient because it’s something I actually believe in. I do want people to live long and prosper, so I’d say it’s a pretty universally OK message.”

To get scientists ready for the grueling realities of politics is a group called 314 Action, whose goal is to prepare these scientists for the challenges they will be facing and the battles ahead of them if they choose to run for Congress, or enter politics at any other level.

The action committee’s website says that they are “committed to electing more STEM candidates to office, advocating for evidence-based policy solutions to issues like climate change, and fighting the Trump administration’s attacks on science.”

Jess Phoenix admires this idea and is of the opinion that scientists, unlike average politicians, will embrace things that have been scientifically proven and believes that this will be an enormous asset today.

“The science candidates are going to be in favor of things that are scientifically proven to work. That’s the one thing that unites all of us.”

Geologist Jess Phoenix embraces the scientific values of Star Trek and will bring these to politics when she runs for Congress.
Geologist Jess Phoenix embraces the scientific values of Star Trek and will bring these to politics when she runs for Congress. Featured image credit: JLRAP Images

Jess Phoenix also has some powerful allies standing by her in her bid to run for Congress, and these include Robert Picardo, Tim Russ and John Billingsley, all actors from Star Trek.

“John saw the correlation between my positions about issues and the Star Trek universe and how the ideals of Gene Roddenberry’s future matched up with what I wanted to fight for.”

As Business News Daily report, Phoenix remarked that partisan politics and business profits are valued more highly than the general well being of the population, and she is making it her own personal goal to see that this changes.

“When I decided to run for Congress, it was not as someone who aspires to be a professional politician. I saw a need for scientific problem-solving in our government, and I recognized that my training in the scientific method, in gathering facts to use in decision-making and analysis, is missing from our policies now. We are in an era where facts and objectivity are under assault. Partisanship and profits are more valued than people.”

With politicians like Jess Phoenix willing to use their scientific prowess and knowledge for the betterment of humanity, the wisdom and world that Star Trek strove to create may not be too far off.