Graphic Video: Hero Prisoner Headbutts Alleged Child Molester Of 4-Year-Old Girl In Court, Loses GoFundMe Page


A video showing Christopher Elwell getting headbutted several times by Josiah Davies is going viral. As seen above, Elwell had just been sentenced as an alleged child molester when he was attacked by another prisoner in court. Christopher received a sentence of seven-and-a-half to fifteen years in prison for the sexual assault of a 4-year-old girl, as reported by

Assistant Strafford County Attorney Emily Conant explained that Elwell allegedly showed the 4-year-old girl — along with a 9-year-old and another 4-year-old girl — sexually explicit material in a house where Christopher was staying. The sexual assault incidents took place in Dover, New Hampshire, on June 24 and June 25, as Christopher allegedly displayed video material to the children similar to the acts that the little girl had been forced to do.

Elwell said the sexual assault charges were false, but ultimately ended up admitting on Thursday in court that they were true, along with the fact that he neglected to register himself as a sex offender.

Christopher had previously been convicted in 2008 on a differing charge and “had not changed his registration with the Somersworth Police Department,” according to Conant. On social media, Josiah’s reaction to Elwell is earning him plenty of kudos and praise, as seen in the below tweets.

Apparently, the admission by Elwell brought out the wrath in Davies, as he sat in the back row of the courtroom. The mother of Elwell’s young victim expressed the notion that Christopher likely wouldn’t stop harming young girls, in her opinion, so she wanted Elwell to receive a long sentence. The plea bargain struck by Elwell was accepted by the judge to protect the young girl from testifying at trial and reliving the horrid events of the sexual assault.

Davies didn’t let his shackles stop him from attacking Christopher as soon as Elwell sat near him. Davies was waiting for his arraignment and a hearing on his alleged probation violation, but soon enough found himself potentially facing more serious charges when he launched his head at Elwell’s head and headbutted him again and again before authorities stepped in to stop the attack. The two men were strangers, but the hatred for child molesters among prisoners is a well-known fact. Davies could now face three-and-a-half to seven years in prison.

A GoFundMe page apparently set up for Davies and calling him “the man” has been deleted.