Meghan Markle’s Estranged Friend Thinks Ex-Husband Is Her ‘Eternal’ Love, Claims Fame Completely Changed Her

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While most people think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fairytale-like romance is the perfect love story, the actress’ childhood friend seems to think otherwise.

Ninaki Priddy, the bride-to-be’s estranged pal, seems to be feeling a bit nostalgic about the actress’ previous marriage to film producer Trevor Engelson.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Priddy made some controversial claims about the 36-year-old American celebrity and reminisced about the “happy days” of her best friend’s married life.

Ninaki claimed that Meghan has already found her “eternal love” six years ago, but failed to make things work. The 36-year-old jewelry designer recalled how the soon-to-be royal vowed to love and cherish Engelson in front of more than 100 guests during their beach wedding in Jamaica.

Markle’s longtime friend revealed that she has always wanted to get married, adding that seeing her shine with happiness during her big day six years ago was definitely a big deal.

“It was such a moving wedding. I started crying the moment I saw her in her dress.”

At that time, Meghan and Trevor’s relationship has been quite admirable. Ninaki shared how the film producer took the time and effort to travel back and forth from Los Angeles to Toronto just to show support to the actress.

Despite their long-distance romance, the former couple managed to handle it, at least for a few years.

“It was an exciting time. This was the man she wanted to have children with.”

Meghan Markle's childhood friend has a new revelation about her.Featured image credit: Chris JacksonGetty Images

And it seems like the former husband and wife have been really in love with each other during their marriage. Ninaki remembered clearly how Engelson cherished Markle and vice-versa.

She also claimed that Meghan used to tell her that she couldn’t imagine a life without Trevor, adding that if anything were to happen to him, she wouldn’t be able to go on.

So when the actress told her that they are getting a divorce, she was totally shocked. Apparently, she was not aware that the former couple was having serious problems in their marriage, adding that they seemed to be “manoeuvering” through it well.

Since then, Ninaki started to fall apart from Meghan, especially after she disapproved of the manner of her friend’s decision to split from Trevor. Aside from her, it has been alleged that most of Markle’s friends who celebrated with her on that memorable beach wedding six years ago are no longer speaking to the actress.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot next year.Featured image credit: WPA PoolGetty Images

Priddy, who gave several throwback photos of Meghan to the outlet, claimed that she has changed a lot ever since she shot to fame. She also claimed that after the actress’ split to her ex-husband, she became a completely different person.

“The person I knew is not there any more.”

Ninaki also claimed that Meghan is a “very calculated” person, especially in the way she handles people and relationships. And now that she’s about to tie the knot with Prince Harry, Priddy couldn’t help but issue a warning.

“She will play her role ably. But my advice to [Prince Harry] is to tread cautiously.”

So far, Meghan Markle has yet to react to Ninaki Priddy’s statements.