‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Battle Over Kids – Drew & Steve Fight For Jake & Danny – Liz, Sam, Robin Confused

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General Hospital spoilers reveal that there are some heartbreaking moments in store as Drew (Billy Miller) and Jason (Steve Burton) work out family issues, especially as far as the kids are concerned. Thus far, Steve respects the fact that Drew is frustrated and feels cheated, but that doesn’t mean that he will let Drew deny him the privilege of raising his sons. There lies some tough moments ahead for these two as they navigate parenting and how they’re going to fit into Jake (Hudson West) and Danny’s (T.K. Weaver) lives.

Jason is taking a rational approach to his homecoming. He knows that everybody accepted that Drew was Jason and that he built firm relationships with the people around him. Therefore, Sam is off limits and he knows that he needs to give the children some time to get used to him. In the same breath, Drew won’t be willing to give up “his” kids that easily. With the new news of his identity, he has had to give up his whole life, yet emotionally and intellectually he still feels like Jason Morgan. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Danny and Jake are both drawn to Jason, even though they still know their biological uncle as their dad.

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General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, tease that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) won’t like that Jake will have to deal with additional turmoil in his life. She supported Billy Miller as Jason and now that he has been dethroned as the Stone Cold version, it is likely that she subtly may give Drew preferential treatment over his biological father. Sam will have to deal with a similar dilemma with Danny’s dad and having to explain the new Jason’s role in her son’s life.

Although Jason has been patient with Drew up to now, it doesn’t mean that he will allow anyone from excluding him from his children’s lives anymore. He has missed years of their childhood and will want to be a vital part of their lives in the future. General Hospital spoilers point out that Robin (Kimberly McCullough) may tell Liz to not exclude Jason if she sees her favoring Drew. If they’re not careful, a long battle over the kids could be in the cards. At the end of the day, the best interests of the kids are paramount. However, who can really exclude a dad, biological or not, from his children?

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