‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Could Drew Take In Orphan Oscar? Shocking Possibilities Ahead

Scott KirklandAP Images

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Oscar (Garren Stitt) may have a tough journey ahead of him. Kim (Tamara Braun) hasn’t been very forthcoming about his paternity, and he is now pushing for her to tell him the truth. She has already waited 15 years to tell him the truth, so she wants to do it in their own home away from prying eyes and listening ears. However, will she actually tell him the truth or will she fabricate a lie in order to protect herself and Oscar from danger? GH viewers have to ask why she is making such a big deal of revealing his paternity, and why she is acting like a nervous wreck if she has nothing to hide.

Inquisitr reports that Kim will confess that Drew (Billy Miller) is Oscar’s father. General Hospital spoilers state she and Drew had an affair in San Diego 15 years ago and that she became pregnant with Oscar at that stage. However, the DNA test should prove if Drew is his father or not. So, this clearly also doesn’t explain why Kim is acting so strangely about her son’s paternity. Could she be hiding something far more sinister that is related to Drew, Jason, and Oscar? What could the consequences be if the truth is exposed?

Now that Drew is getting used to his new identity, he may have some questions for Kim who could know more about who he is than anyone else. If Oscar is his son, this might provide an opportunity for them to discuss his past. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that if Drew is not Oscar’s father, that a possibility exists that Oscar’s father could be linked to the memory mapping study and that this is the reason that she is so hesitant to speak.

General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, suggest that Kim may be scared to reveal certain information because it may place a target on her or her son’s back. If this is the case, then her life could be in danger in the coming episodes of General Hospital. Spoilers state that Kim and Oscar will soon find themselves in a difficult situation. There could be a kidnapping in the works, but this does also not rule out the possibility that Kim may also be killed.

If the unthinkable does happen and Kim dies, Oscar will become an orphan. If Oscar is Drew’s son, he will surely take care of his responsibilities. Will Drew take in Oscar even if he is not his father since his own life is not what he once thought it was? Stay tuned for all the latest rumors, recaps, and spoilers.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.