Caitlyn Frisina: Missing 17-Year-Old Found With 27-Year-Old Soccer Coach

Caitlyn Frisina was reported missing last Sunday from her home in Fort White, Florida, but after almost a week away from home, the teenager was found safe on New York with 27-year-old Rian Rodriguez. Even though everything points at Frisina leaving her home willingly, her parents are obviously ecstatic to know that her daughter will be back with them soon.

Rodriguez — who is a soccer coach at Frisina's school — was taken into custody without incident when the pair was found. Frisina was also detained. The two were spotted driving a red Mercury Sable by a New York State officer around 4 p.m. on Friday in Syracuse, New York. He stopped the car and found that the missing girl was safe.

Originally, the soccer coach was detained on a warrant for interference with child custody, but he has officially been charged as a fugitive of justice, according to ABC News. More charges could be coming depending on the investigation. All the information was given at a press conference held by Sheriff Mark Hunter from Columbia County.

While rejoiced by the news, Frisina's parents are wondering why she left with Rodriguez, someone they considered a friend. Her mother, Scarlet, talked to CBSNews about it. "I know that she to some degree left on her own," she said.

"But I absolutely believe that she was lied to and totally misled."
When interviewed by CBS News correspondent Meg Oliver, Scarlet mentioned that her daughter seemed normal in the weeks before her disappearance. Oliver asked at some point if they believed that Caitlyn was leading a double life.
"Well, that's what we wonder… something was going on. We just don't know what."

The reason why she left matters little now that the family has been reunited. "We had a very beautiful, wonderful, very emotional reunion with her a little while ago," Scarlet Frisina said.

"We are looking forward to a lot more time together and being able to get back home and move forward as a family."
Last Sunday, Frisina's parents reported her missing from her home. Her cellphone was found in her bedroom and it had been completely erased — a telltale sign that she did not want to be found. Later that same day the couple was seen on security camera footage in Georgia and at a pawn shop in North Carolina, which led officers to believe the couple was traveling north, possibly to Canada.