Why Some Fans Think Joy-Anna Duggar Will Eventually Wear Pants Like Jinger And Jill Duggar

Austin And Joy Forsyth Instagram

Will Joy-Anna Duggar start wearing jeans or sweatpants just in time to protect her legs from the chilly winter weather? Some Duggar fans are speculating that the Counting On star will soon step out of her comfort zone by rocking a pair of pants that aren’t covered up by a skirt.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Jill Duggar recently followed the fashion precedent set by her younger sister Jinger by adding jeans to her wardrobe rotation. Jill’s decision to diversify her closet shocked longtime fans of the Duggars who have heard the conservative Christians preach about their family’s “modern modest” dress code for years, but the response to her new look has been mostly positive. Jill’s jeans have also given fans hope that there will come a day when all the Duggar girls have pants in their closets. However, this isn’t the only reason they think that 20-year-old Joy-Anna will eventually expand her wardrobe beyond the dresses favored by her husband, Austin Forsyth.

Some members of the Free Jinger web forum see pants in Joy-Anna Duggar’s future because of her in-laws. The Forsyth family owns and operates the Fort Rock Family Camp, a replica of an Old West town located in the Arkansas Ozarks. Even though the Forsyths’ religious beliefs are very similar to those of the Duggars, they do not require female guests to wear skirts while staying at their camp. One Free Jinger member even found a photo of Austin’s sister, Meagan, wearing a pair of black athletic pants while hanging out with a group of friends on her parents’ property.

“I think Joy could eventually wear jeans but it could take her a while like it took Jill,” wrote the forum member who discovered the photo.

According to the Duggar Family Blog, Jill and Joy-Anna have always shared a special bond. As the leader of Joy-Anna’s “buddy team,” Jill was like a second mother to her younger sister. Some Duggar fans think that Joy-Anna may start wearing pants because she looks up to and admires Jill, but others believe that the younger Duggar might be somewhat hesitant about changing her style based on a remark that she made on an episode of Counting On.

“I said before that I don’t like dresses, but Austin likes them on me, and so I’m branching out and I’m wearing some dresses now,” Joy-Anna said, as reported by In Touch Weekly.

“I don’t really have fashion. I just kind of wear whatever Austin likes.”

One member of the Free Jinger community noted that Austin is Joy-Anna’s first (and only) love interest, and it’s not unusual for an “immature and infatuated” girl to aim to please her guy. The Duggar daughter may eventually grow out of this phase, and because Austin comes from a family that doesn’t frown upon women wearing pants, it’s unlikely that he would try to dissuade his wife from rocking a pair of jeans or sweats if she expressed a desire to do so.