‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: BM Jason Rejects Evidence He Is Drew, Former Navy SEAL Prepares For War?

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General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller) will become embroiled in a face-off after Drew refuses to accept the body of evidence presented at the police station to prove that he is not Jason Morgan, but Andrew Kane. Andrew (Billy Miller) signaled he is preparing for a face-off with Jason (Steve Burton) when he rejected Andre’s (Anthony Montgomery) testimony and the fingerprint evidence provided by Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson).

Andre Copied And Transferred Jason’s Memory To Drew

Fans will recall that during the Friday, December 1, episode of the daytime drama, Andre described how he performed an operation on the sedated and unconscious twins to transfer memory from Jason to Andrew. The operation was successful, and it explains why Andrew believes he is Jason, according to Soap Central.

Andre claimed that his memory transfer study was funded by an unknown person after the World Security Bureau (WSB) withdrew support due to ethics issues being raised. He claimed he conducted the experiment only for the good of science. According to Andre, the procedure could be used in the future to cure brain diseases, such as dementia.

However, Andre said he had no idea why the person or group that funded the research wanted it performed on the twins, but he revealed that after he successfully performed the procedure, he was asked to relocate to Port Charles to monitor Andrew.

Drew Accuses Sonny Of Paying Andre To Lie

Andre’s story sounds incredible, thus fans shouldn’t be surprised that Andrew refused to believe it. He accused Sonny (Maurice Bernard) of paying Andre to lie. Andre apologized for his role as he was being taken away, but Andrew was in no mood to listen. He insisted he was Jason and vowed that he would never accept Patient 6 as his twin brother.

Spinelli also presented additional evidence. He produced a photo of Navy SEAL Andrew Kane with his former face that was identical with Jason’s. Spinelli also revealed that the current BM Jason’s fingerprints match Navy SEAL Andrew Kane’s. He conducted a search on a computer and displayed the match.

However, BM Jason (now Drew) insisted that Spinelli’s evidence was fake and demanded to see the hard copy of the fingerprints.

It was clear that although everyone accepted the evidence presented at the gathering as conclusive, the newly named Drew (Billy Miller) was convinced that the evidence was fabricated by Sonny and other SB Jason backers. He accused Sonny of paying Andre to lie. He claimed that Sonny and the others were involved in a sinister conspiracy against him.

‘GH’ Pits Navy SEAL Drew Against Jason And Sonny

Drew will likely continue to stick to the belief that Sonny and the others have joined Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) in a conspiracy to rob him of his identity. The conviction could make him become increasingly paranoid and finally lead him to believe that he is the target of a sinister and evil plot. He could become convinced that he needs to do something to defend himself and keep what belongs to him.

Thus, any situation where Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) tries to claim back his assets and children would prove volatile because Drew, as a former Navy SEAL, could feel forced to resort to deadly violence in self-defense.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers hint that Jason (Steve Burton) would try, at first, to exercise patience because he understands that Drew has been forced to go through a deeply traumatizing experience, as Celeb Dirty Laundry notes. But ultimately, Jason will want to be with his children, Jake (Hudson West) and Danny (T.K. Weaver). He would also want to claim back his personal assets and resume his life. This means that a confrontation between Jason and Drew is ultimately inevitable.

In the context of a looming Jason-Drew faceoff, the reason why Kim (Tamara Braun) appears to be scared of something in her past with Drew could become relevant. Besides the fact that he was a Navy SEAL, we know practically nothing about Drew’s past. This has given fans the wiggle room to speculate about Drew’s past.

Does Drew have a history of deadly violence like his mobster-assassin brother Jason? Will the current situation trigger a past tendency to use violence to solve problems?

However, some fans have pointed out that Kim did not appear scared of Patient 6 when she mistook him for Drew, as we would expect if she had known Drew to be a violent man.

Regardless, it is difficult to see how GH would be able to avoid taking advantage of Drew’s former status as a Navy SEAL to inject some exciting action into the storyline. Fans can expect a violent confrontation that pits Drew, the Navy SEAL, against his identical twin brother, Jason, the mobster-assassin.