South Carolina State Basketball Player Required Resuscitation In Game Versus NC State

Ringo ChiuAP Images

Play came to a stop today in Raleigh, North Carolina, where South Carolina State was playing NC State after a player, redshirt senior Tyvoris Solomon, collapsed suddenly near the team bench. Solomon, a guard for the South Carolina State Bulldogs, required CPR after his heart stopped, leaving the crowd silent for several minutes, according to ESPN.

South Carolina State head coach Murray Garvin explained that Tyvoris Solomon had to be resuscitated by South Carolina State athletic trainer Tyler Long, whom Garvin praised “for his quick response in that life-or-death moment. He along with the EMS staff rose to the occasion and saved Ty’s life.”

Garvin says that Solomon is resting comfortably, and is “awake and responding” at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. A Rex Hospital spokesman says that Tyvoris Solomon is in fair condition.

Coach Garvin says that the outpouring of concern for Solomon has been overwhelming.

“I witnessed an arena that came together in prayer and displayed genuine concern for this young man. I have received tweets, emails, phone calls and texts from around the world with prayers for Ty [Solomon] and our team. Sports has the amazing ability to bring all of us together for the good of humanity.”

The coach also says that he is grateful for the way NC State helped Tyvoris Solomon and the whole South Carolina State team during the crisis.

“The fans and administration from NC State were phenomenal, and we appreciate your support and well wishes.”


Two Wake County paramedics had thought they had gotten the cushy assignment to watch the NC State/SC State basketball game when they were called into action after they say Tyvoris Solomon went into cardiac arrest, reports WNCN. Paramedics Rich Eldridge and Greg Rodevick said that on most Saturdays they would be driving around, responding to calls, but today’s emergency was stressful, and they too are praising the SC State trainer for his quick action when Solomon suddenly collapsed.

“You’re never really ready for this kind of thing. You can try to be prepared but you don’t expect something of this magnitude to happen.”

Rodevick says usually, the post at an NC State sporting event is a nice change of pace, but trying to save someone’s life while a silent crowd watches is difficult.

“You add thousands of people, and complete silence in there; except for everyone on the beach. It is, in the back of your mind. It’s stressful.”

Tyvoris Solomon required a defibrillator to get his heart beating again, and Eldridge and Rodevick said luckily, it took one shock to get Solomon’s heart beating again. When Solomon started to regain consciousness, the crowd started cheering, but seeing that the SC State player was coming around was all the paramedics needed.

“He was awake. He was talking to us. He was smiling and laughing. It’s a good feeling,”

Eldridge says that the 30 seconds where Tyvoris Solomon’s heart stopped beating were frightening for everyone at the North Carolina arena.


NC State head coach Kevin Keatts released a statement on Twitter thanking everyone for rising to the occasion under stressful conditions.

“Thank you to the first responders at today’s game. The quick action from athletic trainers, doctors & EMTs to help Ty Solomon was amazing. I am proud of how quickly they came to his aid & grateful Ty is doing well. Please continue to keep him & his family in your prayers.”

Best wishes to Tyvoris Solomon for a speedy recovery.