Matt Lauer And Annette Roque Have Lived Separate Lives For Years, Infidelity Was Always A Concern

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Matt Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque, has reportedly left the country now that Matt Lauer has been fired from his job at Today and NBC, and he has been seen closer to their Hamptons home. Sources close to the couple say that Matt Lauer living in Manhattan and Annette Roque and the children living in the Hamptons worked for practical reasons, it also worked for their decidedly different lives. Friends say that Annette Roque rarely ventured into the city, preferring instead to be at home or in the equestrian ring on their Hamptons horse farm in Sag Harbor.

While most articles about Matt Lauer have been about his accusers and victims at the offices of Today, few have focused on Annette Roque, and the tales of Lauer’s relationships with his NBC colleagues reportedly hurt Roque the most.

Sources close to the Lauer family say that Annette Roque wrapped things up in the Hamptons on Wednesday when the story about Matt Lauer’s termination broke, and she left the country to lay low for a while.

“Annette [Roque] has taken their two younger kids out of school and is believed to have left the U.S. and gone to her family in her native country.”

Jack Lauer, the oldest son of Matt Lauer and Annette Roque, is said to be in a prep school outside New York. Matt Lauer reportedly drove up to see Jack on Thursday to explain why Today fired him.

Page Six says that from the time Matt Lauer and Annette Roque married, Roque suspected that Lauer might be cheating, and so initially, she kept him on a short leash, but 20 years and three kids later, Roque seems happier to stay in a different borough from her husband for most of the week, spending more time with her horses and children than with Matt Lauer.

But some sources are saying that Matt Lauer and Annette Roque’s “disastrous” marriage has been an open secret in media circles for years. While Matt Lauer is often seen out and about, most refer to Annette Roque as reclusive, and that was before Matt Lauer made big news with his firing scandal on Wednesday.

A source in the restaurant world says that it is rare to see Matt Lauer and Annette Roque alone together, as they are always with other couples or their children.

“If she [Roque] goes out to dinner, it’s always with Matt and one other couple. I’ve seen her in Manhattan only once or twice, and she’s painfully frail.”

Matt Lauer and Annette Roque’s public separation in 2006 coincided with his return from the Turin Olympics when the rumors about Matt Lauer’s affair with his Today co-worker, Natalie Morales, heated up. At the time Roque filed for divorce, she was seven months pregnant and called into question Lauer’s behavior and his interest in things other than his family.

“Defendant [Matt Lauer] has continuously and repeatedly given higher priority to … personal interests than his family obligations to plaintiff, causing plaintiff to feel abandoned, isolated and alone in raising the parties’ children.”

Annette Roque dropped the divorce filing, but there are rumors that Roque did so after striking an agreement with Lauer for $5 million, with Lauer staying in Manhattan and Roque in the Hamptons during the week. A source who knows the Lauer/Roque family says they put on a show on the weekends to protect his career at Today and NBC, but there is no need to act anymore now that Lauer has been outed.

“They play happy families at their Hamptons home on weekends, and then she lets him run off to New York to do Today — and goodness knows what else.”

Annette Roque spends most days on her 40-acre horse farm, which friends say is lavish and state of the art. The indoor riding ring is temperature controlled with a premier low-impact surface for horse and rider. And the 16 paddock farm isn’t home to just everyday horses either. When Matt Lauer, seemingly out of the blue, bought Annette Roque a $100,000 horse, people started talking.

“He bought Annette a $100,000 horse, and we said, ‘Well, Matt must have been caught cheating again.’ Every time he’s caught he buys her a horse.”

While in the past, Annette Roque has said that Matt Lauer’s focus was on his job, hers has always been on family, says Town & Country. Roque, who was born in the Netherlands in 1966, is half Indonesian and modeled under the name “Jade Roque.” If it is true that Annette Roque has left the country with children Romy and Thijs, she was done so to protect them from the wild stories in the press about their father.