Duggar Family News: Some ‘Counting On’ Fans Think Joy-Anna Duggar Might Have Already Given Birth

Austin and Joy-Anna ForsythInstagram

The Duggar family community is currently focused on Joy-Anna Duggar, who is expecting her first child. Marrying Austin Forsyth at the young age of 19, the youngest member of the iconic reality TV family has captured the interest of the Duggars’ massive fanbase for months.

Interestingly, however, Joy-Anna has not been very active at all in social media. Unlike her other married sisters like Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, Joy-Anna still does not have her own Instagram account where she could communicate openly with her online followers. The reason behind this seems to be her husband, Austin, who appears to be quite conservative with his views about the dynamics of marriage.

The fact that Joy-Anna does not have access to her own social media accounts also means that the Duggar daughter, unlike her sisters Jill and Jessa, has not been able to provide the Duggar family community with regular updates about her pregnancy. So far, only a few photos of Joy-Anna’s pregnancy have emerged, and none of them have provided any concrete information about the Duggar daughter’s condition.

Over the past few months, a few photos of Joy-Anna have emerged. In most of them, many Counting On fans noted that she looks incredibly huge, fueling speculations that Joy-Anna Duggar got pregnant before her wedding earlier this year. Prior to the couple’s latest post, the last image Austin shared with their Instagram followers showed the Duggar daughter looking like she is almost due.

Austin’s latest upload, however, was significantly different from his last few posts. Taken during a trip to Mississippi, Austin shared a selfie of him and his wife as they flew to attend a friend’s wedding. Interestingly, Joy-Anna looked positively radiant in the picture, despite not having any makeup on. This, of course, was noticed by many members of the Duggar family community.

“She is glowing! Beautiful,” one commenter wrote.

“Joy, you look so beautiful with no makeup,” wrote another.

Other members of the Counting On community, however, stated that Joy looked a little bit too different from her previous photos. In her latest picture, Joy does not look bloated at all. If any, she looked just like she did before she married Austin earlier this year. This, of course, has caused many members of the Duggar family community to speculate that Joy might not be pregnant anymore.

“She doesn’t look pregnant here. They are hiding something,” one commenter wrote.

“Joy doesn’t even look pregnant in this pic,” wrote another.

Looking at how Joy-Anna looks in Austin’s latest Instagram upload, it does seem like something has changed in the Duggar daughter. Despite this, however, it is quite impossible to determine if Joy-Anna is pregnant or not from the latest image alone, since only her face and shoulders were visible in the picture. Thus, for all intents and purposes, Joy-Anna Duggar is still officially pregnant and due early next year.