Angelina Jolie Reportedly In Tears Over Brad Pitt Divorce, Brands Ending Marriage Her Biggest Regret

Angelina Jolie is saddened by the supposed fact that Brad Pitt isn’t interested in calling off their initial plans to divorce, it has been alleged.

Angelina, who famously filed for divorce back in September 2016, is now said to have a change of thought and wants to give her relationship with the Hollywood actor another shot, but apparently, Brad isn’t on the same page as her.

Throughout their divorce process, Pitt found himself being slandered in the press through allegations that he was an abusive father and battled endless substance abuse throughout his marriage to Angelina Jolie.

While Pitt came forward to admit he had problems dealing with an alcohol addiction, he firmly denies ever being a bad parent to the six children he shares with Angelina, with sources at the time claiming that the A-list star was convinced the stories came from Jolie’s camp.

Since Angie was determined to end the marriage, it almost seemed as if painting Brad in a bad light was the next plan, as previously explained by endless news outlets, though Angelina never commented on those reports.

Whatever the case may be, Brad is moving on with his life and isn’t looking back — something which Angelina Jolie hasn’t been doing as of late.

Supposedly, as revealed by Hollywood Life, the actress is heartbroken that her estranged husband wants to move on with his life and settle the divorce once and for all.

Angelina Jolie feels like she has made the biggest mistake of her life, as reported earlier this year by the same outlet, and consequently wouldn’t want to see herself parting ways with Brad for good, the publication claims, but Pitt has made it known that he’s not mentally prepared to put himself back in a situation that would see him reconcile with Jolie.

Too many things have transpired since the divorce filing and the only thing Brad’s mind is focused on right now is finalizing the divorce and having joint custody of the six kids he shares with the actress.

Angelina Jolie, who has remained rather silent on matters regarding the divorce process, allegedly turned down $100 million to finalize the divorce with Pitt, hinting that she’s not ready to give up on the relationship.