Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Reportedly Feud Over Living Arrangements After Baby Birth: ‘KUWTK’ Star Upset?

Joe ScamiciGetty Images

Kylie Jenner is reportedly feuding with Travis Scott over their living arrangements once the reality star has given birth to their baby.

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner has been planning her future with Travis for the past couple of months, since finding out she was expecting her first child with the rapper.

With her due date some time in February, the 20-year-old has made it known that she would want Scott to live with her so that they can raise their child together, without the consistent help of having nannies handle the duties of taking care of a baby.

Kylie Jenner supposedly wants to be as active as possible in her role as a mother, but she would evidently want her child’s father to be a prominent figure in the baby’s life also, and that’s why she’s determined to have Travis stay with her.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that the living arrangement situation has caused some problems between the two because Travis hasn’t been all that interested in the idea of living with Kylie Jenner, particularly because he’s most likely going to be on the road most of the time anyway.

Though the couple is expecting their baby in February, Travis Scott has a huge workload coming up for the new year, starting off with his world tour and a new album that’s believed to hit stores in the next couple of months.

Kylie Jenner is stressing that she doesn’t want to be at home by herself raising a baby with a handful of nannies giving her assistance; she wants to be active parents and consequently needs Travis by her side, even if he’s just in Los Angeles for a day or two.

Travis still hasn’t made his mind up on the idea of living under one roof with Kylie Jenner, which is worrying the reality star because she knows that once the baby arrives, she’ll have endless things to take care of.

At this point, Kylie Jenner just wants reassurance that Travis will be as hands-on as possible when it comes to his duties as a parent, but with his refusal to live with her, that already seems questionable.