Scott Disick, Sofia Richie Reportedly Split: Still In Love With Kourtney Kardashian Despite Breakup

Mat HaywardGetty Images

Scott Disick has reportedly moved on from Sofia Richie, stressing that the duo doesn’t share that much in common.

According to Radar Online, the reality star chose to call it quits not too long ago because he felt as if the relationship wasn’t going anywhere, and one of the reasons for that is simply due to their age gap.

Scott Disick supposedly didn’t find himself being able to hold a conversation with the 19-year-old, who has shown little to no interest when it comes to the father of three’s determination to remain sober.

Disick had hoped that by getting with Sofia, it would keep him away from his alleged alcohol abuse and partying, and though he’s managed to stay clear of that lifestyle, it wasn’t exactly Richie who helped him in that process.

A source tells the publication that the Instagram model has made it very clear through her actions that she’s not that deeply involved in Scott Disick or whatever problems he has going on behind closed doors, making the relationship anything but genuine.

Scott Disick has now realized that he made a mistake getting with someone that still has “childish” tendencies about her, the source continues to add, so he decided to part ways with the socialite once and for all.

The twosome hasn’t been spotted out and about in a while, which adds to claims that they have broken up, and it doesn’t help that Scott Disick supposedly still has feelings for Kourtney Kardashian.

Another factor that caused the split was simply because the 34-year-old is still hopeful that he can win back the supposed love of his life, who has since moved on with boyfriend Younes Bendjima.

The chances of a reconciliation seem rather slim at this point, but also having called it quits with Sofia has been one step in the right direction for Disick, who is fully determined to get his life back on track and find someone who’s more age appropriate for him.

Sofia and Scott Disick have yet to address their alleged split to the public, but given that they aren’t seen in public anymore, that alone seems self-explanatory.