Tyrese Called Out For Lying On Social Media Again, Claiming New Role In ‘Four Brothers’ Apparent Sequel

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Tyrese Gibson was just starting to crawl out of a dark social media depression, but now it appears the actor could be spiraling yet again. The Fast and Furious actor shared a photo from his film, Four Brothers, on Instagram Thursday, claiming a sequel was in the works and he would be in the new film. With minimal research, fans discovered his claim appears to be completely false, and a sequel doesn’t appear to be in the works at all.

Four Brothers debuted in 2005, and also starred Mark Wahlberg, Andre 3000, Garrett Hedlund, and Sofia Vergara. Talks of a second film were rumored several years ago, but nothing ever came to fruition.

To prove his point, Tyrese initially shared a screenshot of a Hollywood Reporter article discussing the sequel. It wasn’t long before he took the post down, as followers began doing some digging and found out the article was from 2010. The Transformers actor kept his original post of him with his former cast and claimed Paramount had everything in the works, and the new script was almost done. He called the new script “magic,” promised he wasn’t lying, and claimed he was ready to be back with his cast members.

Tyrese also asked his followers to comment their favorite lines from the movie, and many followed his request and explained how excited they were for the new film. But for some followers, things just weren’t adding up.

What stood out as peculiar was his declaration that this news was all over the internet. A simple Google search proved that wasn’t the case, as nothing came up when it was searched for.

Many of Tyrese’s followers commented that his promise was untrue, and pointed to the very-dated Hollywood Reporter article for proof. The rest of the Four Brothers cast has not made any mention of a sequel, furthering speculation that Tyrese is lying, or confused.

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Tyrese came under fire last month after claiming Will and Jada Smith gave him $5 million to get back on his feet and to pay his legal bills. In his Instagram post, Tyrese praised his friends for their enormous gesture, but it was only days before news broke that it was a complete fabrication. The 38-year-old eventually apologized when speaking with TMZ, and said he should have waited until they actually gave him the money before telling his millions of followers about it.