Sex induced amnesia

Not to make light of this obviously distressing malady but it’s got to really suck big time to suddenly lose your memory after making love. I am sure there are some who might suggest that this is a natural occurrence after a round of mediocre under the sheets nookie but the fact is that this is a real medical problem for some people.

In post on CNN Madison Park relates the tale of Alice and Scott who found that after a morning love-making session Alice had lost a part of her memory.

As they lay in bed, Scott (the couple asked that their last name not be used) flicked on the television, which was showing the Olympics. This perplexed Alice. “Is there an Olympics?” she asked. This was during the Michael Phelps mania, when the swimmer seemed to be everywhere.

“Are you sure there is an Olympics?” Alice asked again.

Scott recalled, “I saw that something was wrong, so I asked her, ‘OK what day is it?’ “

Alice appeared even more perplexed.

“Who’s our president?” he quizzed.

“Bill Clinton,” she answered. This was 2008.

It turns out that Alice was suffering from what is called transient global amnesia (TGA) and while it doesn’t affect the memories of the person’s identity it does affect the patient’s ability to retain recent memories.

TGA can be triggered after the person afflicted has engaged in some sort of strenuous activity – which having sex would qualify, vigorous exercise, sudden immersion into hot or icy water, or even a bump on the head.

In the case of Alice it took the doctors several hours of examining and testing her before arriving at the diagnosis of TGA. It turns out as well that TGAs can be precipitated by migraines and headaches. As well TGA are listed as one possible side effect of taking Levitra, a pill for helping with erectile dysfunction.

Alice did recover from her bout of amnesia but she still can’t remember what happened that morning only that the night before she had gone to be with a headache. Other than that life has returned to normal for Alice and Scott with the exception that no more sex for Scott if his wife feels a headache coming on.