O.J. Simpson Reportedly Turning Down Millions From Reality Show Offers, But Why?

Jason BeanPool/Getty Images

Fresh out of prison for a robbery and kidnapping arrest, it’s no surprise that everyone has come running for a piece O.J. Simpson. The former NFL running back is being chased down with reality show offers, and the Juice is reportedly not interested.

Just after his release in October, rumors began circulating that O.J. and former acquaintance Caitlyn Jenner would star alongside each other in a reality show. Rumors, as they always do, shifted and then suggested O.J. would sit down with Caitlyn for a one-on-one interview special. None of these rumors ever came to fruition, and it appears it’s because O.J. is just not interested.

O.J.’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne recently spoke with Vanity Fair regarding the reality show offers his client is constantly being offered.

“We get flooded with calls,” he commented. “We’ve got a $50 million deal for Simpson,” he remembered from a recent offer.

LaVergne also noted agencies contact him as well with business proposals for his client, which the Juice also routinely turns down. If all these multi-million dollar offers are true, many are questioning why O.J. would turn down such large sums of money when it’s reported he’s not in the best financial shape.

Malcolm LaVergne OJ Simpson at parole hearing
Lawyer Malcolm LaVergne with O.J. Simpson at parole hearing. Featured image credit: Jason BeanPool/Getty Images

O.J. still owes Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson Brown’s families millions of dollars per their wrongful death judgments back in 1997. For now, the 70-year-old is bringing in $25,000 a month through his NFL pension which cannot be seized by collection agencies, and there are no other reported incomes for the former NFL star. According to TIME, O.J. is rumored to have another private pension and also gets residuals from the Screen Actors Guild, but those claims have never been verified.

O.J.’s friend and former manager, Norman Pardo, claimed an unidentified individual had offered to pay the entire multi-million-dollar judgment to the Goldman and Brown families, but his friend has yet to accept the deal.

Another friend of the parolee, Tom Scotto, noted he’s working on O.J.’s first post-prison interview, which he claimed will be for around $1 million. Scotto said no deals have been made yet regarding an interview, as O.J. is not ready to talk this soon.

OJ Simpson with Tom Scotto at jury selection for 2008 trial
O.J. Simpson with friend Tom Scotto at jury selection in 2008.Featured image credit: Ethan MillerGetty Images

According to LaVergne, O.J. is ignoring all of these deals because he is just trying to enjoy his life. He acknowledged his client’s age as a reason behind this and explained he is just adapting to life after being in prison for almost 10 years.

After O.J. was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas last month, it’s possible he is waiting for the dust to settle before making any deals, regarding interviews or reality shows.