WWE Rumors: Dolph Ziggler Possibly Leaving WWE After Contract Ends?


WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler recently appeared on a podcast to talk about his time with WWE and it possibly ending. “The Showoff,” who has been part of the WWE roster for over a decade seems like he has been unhappy with how he has been used in the most recent part of his career with the company. Ziggler has mostly been helping out some of the new arrivals to SmackDown Live from the NXT roster to start their push towards bigger and better things while staying in that lesser role himself. Could he be on the way out of WWE soon?

It was reported by Sportskeeda that Ziggler was the latest guest on Edge and Christian’s podcast. Ziggler talked about wanting to be in a top spot with the company, which is something he seemed to hold before. He has held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice during his career and the Intercontinental Championship for five reigns. He also was one of the Money in the Bank ladder match winners and can say he successfully cashed in his briefcase to claim the major title. In addition to all of that, he’s been a “sole survivor” for his winning team in two different Survivor Series elimination matches.

WWE star Dolph ziggler may decide to leave WWE when contract ends
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As of the past few years, there’s been a lot less of those big moments for Ziggler, as he has mostly been working with newer stars who arrive to the main roster. That has included Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode this past year, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Dolph has also used a gimmick where he mocks various superstars and wrestling legends including Shawn Michaels and The Ultimate Warrior. At the WWE Starrcade event, he was part of a spot involving wrestling legend Arn Anderson of the “Four Horsemen” from WCW days.

However, Ziggler has put in the work and feels he needs more than he’s getting. At one point during the podcast discussion, Ziggler brought up how he is still with the company today, although it almost didn’t happen several years ago.

“I feel a lot of my cries are falling on deaf ears to have a change. 2 years ago when my contract was up I told them I was ‘out.’ But they convinced me to sign a new deal. After they told me to stay and help out.”

There had been previous WWE rumors of Dolph Ziggler leaving WWE when he had a special stipulation match against The Miz at No Mercy 2016. In that situation, Ziggler put his career on the line and had to defeat The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental Championship to keep his job. Ziggler did just that, making it his fifth-reign with the prestigious title. Ziggler’s reign lasted a bit over a month before The Miz won the belt back. Since then, Dolph has not won any gold, although he’s competed for it, including the fact he was a participant in this past year’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Still, a superstar who has given his all to the business for well over a decade probably deserves much more at this point in his career. It’s been mentioned that Dolph Ziggler’s current contract will end in a few moments. WWE will need to do a lot better to convince Ziggler that he’ll get to a top spot once again in the future, or he’s probably going to be out the door. However, once again the WWE’s loss will become another wrestling organization’s gain.