Melania Trump’s Diet Secrets Revealed: What The First Lady Eats Every Day To Stay Slim

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Melania Trump’s modeling days are long gone but she hasn’t said goodbye to her slim frame. From keeping the same breakfast routine to avoiding the latest dieting trends, the First Lady has managed to keep up her good looks. How does Trump keep off the weight?

What Does Melania Eat Daily To Retain Her Slim Figure?

According to Express, Trump revealed all of her dieting secrets in a previous interview with GQ. Trump begins everyday with a solid breakfast packed full of vitamins and fiber. This usually means a bowl of oatmeal and fruit or a smoothie.

She also tries to eat as much fruit as possible and usually reaches a goal of around seven pieces of fruit before the day is over. When it comes to snacks, Trump isn’t afraid to indulge herself with some chocolate, though she admittedly does it sparingly.

As far as her favorite meal is concerned, Diet News reports that Trump enjoys a Chicken Parmigianino from Jean Georges in New York City. Her favorite drink, meanwhile, is a diet coke, though she prefers ones that are from a glass bottle. Trump, of course, doesn’t indulge her sweet tooth often and believes that the majority of a person’s diet should be made up of healthy foods.

Melania Trump Has A Few Other Beauty Secrets She Was Willing To Share

Trump’s diet is not the only thing that helps her maintain her supermodel looks. According to People, Trump usually goes to bed early and gets plenty of sleep as a result. She’s also not a socialite and prefers to stay at home with family, which helps her stay away from late nights.

Trump also keeps up a regular workout schedule. Instead of a rigorous routine, however, Trump keeps her exercises to daily walks complete with light ankle weights. She also denies ever having gone under the knife and says that she’s never had facial injections or Botox. Trump claims that her beauty is natural and says that she will age gracefully when the time comes.

Based on how well Melania Trump has maintained her trim look over the years, her diet and exercise routines are clearly paying off. Whether or not this holds true over the next three years, of course, is another matter.