Watch Joy Behar’s Cheering Frenzy On ‘The View’ Over Trump ‘Fake News’– Does Video Hold Makings Of A Meme?

Social media is ripping Joy Behar apart over the bizarre demonstration she put on by cheering over the ‘fake news’ reported about Donald Trump.

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Joy Behar revved up her audience on The View Friday by reading a news memo she was handed live on air. She broke into animated cheering frenzy when learning that the note said how Michael Flynn was prepared to throw Donald Trump under the bus by saying Trump directed Flynn to contact the Russians while campaigning. But that news didn’t turn out to be true and as social media has deemed it today, it was “fake news.”

Today people are looking at Joy’s outbreak of elation and as you might imagine there are two polarized camps on her behavior. There are those who thought it was a disgraceful demonstration against the President of the nation. There’s even talk of turning that clip of her cheering on The View into a meme.

One of the guests on Fox and Friends Weekend tried to tempt someone out there in the viewing audience to turn Joy’s outbreak of cheering into a meme. Folks also mentioned a “meme” on the social media sites, with one already circulating.

How Joy’s Fit Of Elation Started

ABC’s Brian Ross reported on Friday morning that Michael Flynn was prepared to testify about what Donald Trump, the candidate, directed him to do. The note handed to Behar said that Flynn would testify that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians while he was campaigning. While people ran rampant with the news, it was Joy Behar who captured the height of the moment the best for Trump’s critics. She went over the top in a fit of glee while celebrating this information on air, as seen in the video clip above of her on The View.

As one Twitter user suggested, she got the entire studio audience so excited it was as if it were the Oprah show and she put keys to a new car under every seat in the audience, reports the Daily Mail. Joy’s fans and Trump’s critics joined in with Joy’s elation as it appeared to be very contagious. Joys fans also jumped on social media to celebrate along with her.

After Behar’s cheerleading amped up, the studio audience joined in with yelping and cheering. At one point, she threw the card she was handed into the air and started clapping with arms outreached while sporting a broad fixated smile. But that tide changed when it was learned it was “fake news” they were rejoicing over.


CNN reports that “ABC News corrects bombshell Flynn report,” which they did by having Brian Ross, who reported the original news, offer up a correction during ABC’s World News tonight. Ross reports that it was not a candidate Trump that directed Flynn, but a president-elect Trump that did so. He had gotten the original report from one anonymous source. It was a “fake news story” that put Joy off-kilter and into a fit of elation, according to the headlines today. This is coupled with people across the social media sites commented on Joy getting hyped-up over “fake news.”

Ross’s original report not only sent Joy Behar into a frenzy, but it sent the stock market into a tailspin as well. Thankfully, the stock market recouped, but it might take a little longer for Behar to shake the buzz about her joyous outbreak. Below you can see a few samples of the comments from Twitter users who weren’t on board with Behar’s outburst of well… Joy!