Singh Brothers Not Done With WWE, Reason Why They Were Attacked By Jinder Mahal On ‘SmackDown Live’


On the most recent episode of SmackDown Live, Sunil and Samir Singh were viciously attacked by their Modern Day Maharajah, Jinder Mahal. Mahal, who is scheduled to face AJ Styles on the upcoming Clash of Champions pay-per-view, has used his cronies to shield him away from Styles enough to attack him when the opportunity is available. On SmackDown Live, Styles defeated the Singh Brothers in a handicap match. Although Mahal attempted to attack Styles, he was able to allude the onslaught and exit the ring unharmed. Mahal, frustrated that he was not able to get the best of Styles, took his frustration out on the Singh Brothers and gave both of them his Khallas finishing move.

As a result of his attacks, there has been major speculation that the Singh Brothers will be victims of the roster cuts WWE announced lately, which have included EMMA, Darren Young, Summer Rae, James Ellsworth, and longtime employee Jim Johnston. However, there have been other reports that the team is simply transitioning away from Mahal, which will further develop his character due to widespread criticism of their repetitive attacks on opponents hurting his overall stock.

Current WWE Status Of The Singh Brothers, Reason Why They Were Attacked On SmackDown Live

At least for now, the Singh Brothers are not done with the company, as Samir Singh confirmed that they will be making an appearance at the WWE Live event scheduled for December 9 in New Delhi, India.


Whether that will be the last time we see the Singh Brothers is unknown, but they have not been written off for departure just yet. In fact, there is also speculation that the team will be heading back to NXT as a team to compete in the division for the brand.

Similar to Ellsworth, the Singh Brothers could possibly have a one-year contract that has expired and will not be renewed. They recently posted a thank you to “everyone involved” in their journey since their debut one year ago. There has also been speculation that the Singh Brothers could be replaced with two more sidekicks. Regardless of where they will end up, the team has posted plenty of statuses over the past year showing how thankful they are for the opportunity to be a part of the WWE main stage.